App Store Optimization and Mobile Marketing Guide. 2019 Edition

Here’s the starting point of your App Store Optimization strategy. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro looking for inspiration, in this article you will find the references and helpful links you need. We will update it, so make sure to save it in the bookmarks.

App Store Optimization techniques may seem difficult, especially if you’re new in that area. However, adopting advanced ASO tips will help you grow your app business.

There’s a lot of articles and ASO guides across the web, that’s why we’ve gathered and grouped all the information you might need while doing mobile app optimization.

Let’s start from the basics.

What is ASO?

ASO works the same way as app store SEO, allowing users to find your app across the app stores and helping you convince them to install it.

Some people think that ASO is done once you have completed your keyword research and put the right keywords into app title, subtitle, etc. But the secret component of an appstore ASO is the complex work: keywords + graphics + localization + app reviews + featured lists + work with uninstalls that lead to higher conversion rate and app ranking.

Where to start if I have never optimized my app before?

We recommend you start with our free Ultimate ASO Guide. It is designed for those who are doing ASO for the first time. There we cover all basic topics, such as keyword research, text and graphics optimizations, factors that affect your conversion rate, and how to analyze your ASO optimization results. Give it a look before starting.

How to get more users and increase conversion rate?

Promote your app in both app stores and across the web. Instead of using paid user acquisition (UA) methods, start with organic ones, for example, content marketing or recommendation websites. Paid methods will give you quick results, but user engagement will be lower and uninstall rate — higher.

The quickest and the cheapest way to get more users is getting into featured lists. Both App Store and Google Play have special lists for new and recently updated apps, so try to get there.


  1. How to create an ASO strategy from scratch and get into top apps in 3 months
  2. What affects your app conversion rate and how to increase it
  3. How to promote an app outside app stores
  4. How to get featured in the App Store to boost your app downloads
  5. 4 ways to work with rating and reviews to increase app conversion rate
  6. How to get in a top apps lists even if you have launched your app two months ago
  7. How to understand whether your conversion rate is high or not

How to improve my text optimization and keywords positions?

A good approach to find the flaws in your current app store optimization is ASO-audit. Normally it is performed by an ASO expert or agency, but you can save money and look at your texts and keywords from the outside.


  1. How and where to find the right keywords for a new app
  2. Step-by-step guide to improve your texts and graphics
  3. Live ASO-audit from Phiture and AppFollow experts (video)
  4. How to increase app installs by 53% by changing keywords

How to increase app rating?

Your app rating is important for getting new users. No matter if you’ve done keyword optimization, paid for ads, or applied to be included into featured lists, your average rating will be the first thing to strike the eyes. And the easiest way to improve it is working with app reviews.


  1. 4 strategies to reply to reviews to increase the average rating
  2. How to increase user loyalty through app store reviews
  3. Ways to work with rating and reviews to increase app conversion rate
  4. How to improve app rating by working with reviews (video)


How to stop users from uninstalling my app?

Working with uninstalls is the right way to improve your app visibility. If you have more uninstalls than downloads, app stores can rank your app lower in search results. Your low app rating will affect your app installs in a negative way, so that even a perfect ASO strategy won’t help.

We suggest you optimize app rating and reviews together with keywords and screenshots. It will help to reduce uninstalls and increase user engagement.


  1. How to analyze and improve retention, click-to-install, and uninstall rates
  2. How to increase user engagement with the help of customer development approach
  3. How to reply to user complaints to stop uninstalls

How to do ASO for mobile games?

ASO for games is pretty much the same as for apps, however, the main traffic channel will be different. For app promotion, developers work with an app store search optimization that includes keywords, app title, descriptions, and screenshots. For mobile games browse works better, as gamers more often download new games from featured lists, collections, and top positions in a subcategory.

To optimize a mobile game you will need more attention to the icon, graphics, and app rating to appear in one of the featured tabs.


  1. How to get into the featured games lists
  2. How to increase a mobile game installs by finding the right keywords
  3. How to find the right user acquisition channel
  4. What affects your game conversion rate and how to increase it
  5. How to make users to rate your game higher

How to choose the traffic channel to get the best results?

There are four traffic channels available: Search, Browse, App Referrer, and Web Referrer. Keywords will mostly work if your main channel is Search. For Browse the most important will be the icon and high average rating. Both Web and App Referrer require a well-optimized app page, and first of all — screenshots and video.

Define the main traffic channel with the glance to your app category and marketing budget. Here are some tips for you.


  1. Analyze how app category and game subcategory affects your downloads
  2. Learn differences between Search and Browse channels
  3. Find out how to optimize your screenshots depending on your main traffic channel (video)

How to change my ASO in 2019?

Pay attention to major changes in Apple App Store and Google Play and adjust your app page to them as fast as you can. If you don’t, you will be losing new users no matter how much money you invest in paid UA.


  1. First Google Play updates in 2019
  2. Major changes in App Store and Google Play in 2018 (video)
  3. How to optimize your Google Play app page
  4. What else you can do to improve your Google Play app optimization

What are the best free ASO tools for beginners?

Most ASO experts use 4-5 different tools to cover all their needs. You may not need that many, so choose 1 or 2 depending on your current needs. Almost each of the tools has a free plan, which is enough for a start.

Market analytics tools:

ASO tools:

Graphics optimization tools:

ASO agencies:

What are the ASO best practices and where to find them?

Most of the best practices you can get from events and conferences. If you don’t have the opportunity of visiting them across the globe, save time and money by attending online events. We recommend you the best ones.


  1. The best ASO and app marketing events in 2019
  2. Free online events to attend in 2019

Thirsty for more?

Reach out to our ASO team and get a free express ASO-audit.

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