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App Store Optimization tools for organic user acquisition

Top App Store Optimization product by the G2 Score, based on the user experience

App Store Optimization tools for organic user acquisition
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Grow organic user acquisition with AppFollow tools


Increase the number of impressions per week by 5 times on average


Grow the number of organic installs by 490% on average


Boost conversion rate to installs by 11% on average

Build a strong strategy for organic growth

Accurate Popularity and Difficulty data
Accurate Popularity and Difficulty data

Plan your ASO strategy using accurate keywords data based on latest iOS 13.6 and Android 10 sources and 20+ parameters.

ASO Dashboard & KPIs
ASO Dashboard & KPIs

Track ASO KPIs and app performance
in your AppFollow account to measure
success of your ASO strategy.

Competitors overview
Competitors overview

Monitor competitors’ app rankings,
changes in graphics and wording, app page updates, popularity & difficulty.

Featured App Alerts
Featured App Alerts

Pure magic: get notified 1 day before
App Store or Google Play
promotes your app.

ASO alerts in Slack & email
ASO alerts in Slack & email

Receive ASO reports directly to your
Slack or email. Keywords, Rankings, and Featured apps data delivered as a daily newspaper.

Store Performance Index
Store Performance Index

Easily benchmark your app overall store performance and find out weak spots to fix them with AppFollow.

Track efficiency of organic user acquisition

ASO Dashboard Conversion Rate benchmarks Top Chart Rankings Popularity & difficulty scores

Gain marketing insights and automate keyword research

Real iOS & Android Search Results Keyword research automation Competitors analysis
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Need help with ASO?

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When we started replying to reviews from the app stores, only one agent was responding from App Store Connect and Google Play Console. We soon realized that it’s unrealistic to speed up the response time with this setup, and we switched to the Zendesk app by AppFollow. Since then we’ve grown our support team to 40 agents and can cover reviews from all the app stores right in Zendesk.

Yaroslav Demidyuk Operations Manager at Wargaming

AppFollow’s tools are effective at saving time! It only took three days to increase the number of processed reviews by 2.3 times. We were able to reduce the number of mouse clicks and now have more time to work with critical feedback: updated and featured reviews.

Kim Bokyung Customer Support Manager at Bitmango
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Being able to automatically send out responses greatly cuts down on hours needed for agents to respond to these reviews. Having folders with multiple responses makes it easy for us to not sound repetitive or robotic in our replies.

Zachery Gergurich Customer Support Manager at Discord

Flexible platform that meets the needs of ASO, Product, and Support. I think it's great that AppFollow combines different areas of your app, so that different teams can manage app store performance and share a single tool & data.

Catherine Sibirko ASO Expert at Flo

Our goal is to reply to reviews in such a way that potential clients say, “These Joom guys are nice, friendly people! They’re going to help me when I’m in trouble.” AppFollow’s integration with Helpshift helps us do this.

Ekaterina Savelieva Head of Support at Joom
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The best tool for tracking and responding to reviews. AppFollow makes it far easier to track what customers think about your mobile apps and leave as reviews. We quickly track reviews on our product and answer users to help to resolve their issues. We love a very personal approach from the AppFollow team - all our requirements were 100% fulfilled.

Anatoly Sibatov Manager Customer Support at Wrike

AppFollow helps us to interact with customers in a faster, easier and simpler way comparing to store consoles. After 6 months of using the platform, we’ve seen a great success with estimated ROI of 850%.

Ashley Yap Customer Service Manager at Turbo VPN
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We’ve been using AppFollow for 3 years now and love it for the App Store/Play Store integration into Help Scout. As a company, we value our customers feedback and being able to reply to reviews directly from Help Scout has been a GAMECHANGER! Having different saved replies and integrating Review tags into our support email tags has been amazing.

Meagan Allers Customer Success at Marco Polo

AppFollow allows us to track app review volume and ratings over time, Semantics Analytics for tracking trending topics and sentiment for review insights reporting. I highly recommend the service if you need an effective product for app review management with detailed access to dashboards and reporting!

Jennifer Wang Director of Operations at Techstyle
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