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AppFollow 4.4: February update

What’s in the new update: the ability to quickly add apps from all stores, sort and add tags to reviews from Zendesk, automatically add keywords, new filters for Semantic Analysis, and more.

1. Adding multiple apps

Create your apps and games selection with just one click. We have added the "All stores" tab, which shows apps from the popular stores on one page: App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon.

Now creating a selection based on a category, store, or developer is fast and easy:

  1. Enter search request;
  2. Look through all apps based on the search request. We will highlight who has this request in their app name, subtitle, or developer's name (Android);
  3. If you are creating a selection based on a specific theme, for example, for your ASO, add all similar apps with one click (+Add all apps to the collection);
  4. If you need an app selection based on a developer/publisher, use the “Show all apps by this developer” button and add them to your collection.

The app collection page in AppFollow

2. Zendesk 2.0: improved review sorting

Automate working with reviews in Zendesk with auto-tags. In version 2.0, we add tags to every new review — this way, you will be able to instantly separate mobile apps reviews from others, choose the store or the country you need, and answer your users faster.

Review tags in tickets:

  1. Ticket type: #appfollow — see reviews for apps from AppFollow to easily distinguish them from all the others;
  2. App type: #ios, #android, #amazon, etc. – by application type;
  3. Number of stars: #1star ... #5star — by rating;
  4. Country: #united-states, #united-kingdom, #russia — by a specific country;
  5. Unique app ID: #com.supercell.brawlstars (Android) or #1229016807 (iOS) — by a specific app;
  6. Device name: #ipad, #redmi-note-5 — by devices, e.g. quickly monitor which devices have problems working with the app;
  7. App version: #v1.2.12 — by a specific version;
  8. Language: #en, #jp, #br, and others — by user language, which can be different from the country of origin.

Tags help filter and analyze reviews based on various parameters in the Views section. Reviews with tags will automatically appear in the corresponding ticket selection so that support agents can see the necessary ticket faster (for example, a complaint about the latest version), and it will be easier for managers to analyze reviews based on search requests, location, versions, etc.

More about working with reviews in Zendesk in our Help Center.

3. Automatic keywords addition

Work with keywords immediately after adding apps. After you add a new app, we analyze its name and category and add search requests relevant for the app. This way you will be able to immediately see the changes in ranking, popularity, and traffic.

The process of automatically adding keywords to app collection

This helps you to immediately start working with ASO tools, because now you do not need to look for the keywords, add them manually, and then wait for data for them to be collected.

4. Searching apps in Amazon

Monitor apps and products from Amazon. We simplified the way you can add and track them: now, when inputting a search request, you get the list of apps with similar topics (before that, you needed to add each app using a direct link). This helps you find and add relevant apps faster.

We will soon add "search by products" and "reply to reviews" features for Amazon so that you could answer your users anywhere where your apps are.

The new API method "Featured Apps" helps developers and publishers get data about featured apps in their own analytics systems.

For the chosen app_id, we will show:

● The app's featured history

● The country

● The type of feature (e.g. App Store Today),

● Selection name and app’s position

We currently support App Store only. If you need data for Google Play, contact us.

All AppFollow API methods

6. Single Sign-On through Google and OKTA

Add new users to AppFollow using Single Sign-On (SSO). Now your colleagues can join the AppFollow team account using Google and OKTA accounts — meaning that you do not need to send invites manually anymore!

SSO works for Enterprise plans. You can find out more about the process in our Support Center.

7. New filters in Semantic Reviews

Monitor your users’ mood and experience based on countries and versions. New filters help you examine specific countries and versions in isolation to understand what these users currently need. The filters work for all Semantics sections: Positive vs Negative, Wordcloud, Feelings Chart, and Topics & Bugs.

Semantic Reviews is in open beta — the right time to find out what your users want! Contact us to try it out.

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