Keywords 2.0 for ASO Research: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

AppFollow ASO Team has released the updated Keyword module and I’m excited to share some new features with you.

TL;DR: The reworked module helps you to do the keywords research easy like never before: with Traffic score, Suggestions and Real-time iOS 12 Search Results, including Featured stories, Bundles, and In-apps. Use Keyword tabs to track separate sets of keywords, like competitors names or specific keywords for the next ASO update.

What’s new?

1. Keyword popularity

Traffic score is available for every iOS language

Check the keyword traffic score for every country where iOS App Store is available. We are using our internal magic to show you the real data, so if you see 0 or 5 for some keywords — you can be sure that there are just several people typing this keyword every day. But, keywords with traffic score from 10 to 20 could be the best option for the new apps, especially if there are under 50 apps in the search results. Do not use high traffic keywords (70+) for the new apps, because you won’t be able to rank high in the search results and won’t be able to get organic downloads. Much better to start with low traffic keywords, get downloads and high positions to gain App Store authority, and then, replace keywords with more popular.

2. Keyword research and ideas

Click on the Plus button to add the keyword to your collection

Next to every keyword on the page you will see the “Suggest” button. Click on it and you will get App Store and Google Play suggestions for this keyword. This way it becomes much easier to find new keywords for your app and build the proper semantic core. Keyword suggestions are coming directly from the stores and have the requests, that users are searching for. You can be sure that these keywords have traffic and users, so just sort them by popularity and use in your ASO strategy. Or let our ASO Experts help you with the keyword research and optimization. Contact us via Email with the link to your app and we will increase organic downloads for you.

3. Real iOS 12 search results positions

Scanner Mini is on the 7th position, as on the real device

Starting from iOS 11 and continuing in iOS 12, Apple shows not only general apps in the keyword search results but also Featured: Today Stories, App Bundles, and In-App Purchases. AppFollow is the only ASO Tool that shows you this data and generating reports with this data. On the screenshot, you can see that Scanner Mini by Readdle is on the 7th position. Any other ASO Tool will show this app on the 4th position, as they don’t take into account all these iOS 12 cards in the search results. By clicking on the Story button, you will see the page with this Featured Story.

4. Favorite keywords

Favorite keywords are always on the top of the list

To understand the real organic situation for your app, you have to track at least 100 keywords for every country. But, you don’t need all of them every day so I bet you have about 3–5 very important keywords and you want to keep an eye on them. Just click a star symbol near the preferred keywords and we will keep them on top of the list every time. You can create a separate favorites list for every app, country, and tab. This way you won’t miss the best performing keywords and competitor branded requests!

5. Keyword tabs

Add new tabs to create separate keyword lists

Do not like mess in the keywords? Clean the closet and sort all your keywords in the tabs. Keep competitors in one tab and keywords for the current app version in another and track them separately. Beta testers are absolutely in love with this feature: imagine you have a new semantic core for the ASO Test of the new app version. Just create a new tab and add new keywords there. Track them easily and make decisions without filtering the whole batch of keywords.

Besides, dozens of smaller features have been done inside the mechanism. Keywords are working faster than ever and everything was done for ASO people from ASO people. Hope you all will love this update and more coming soon! Feel free to share this blog post with your colleagues to let them know where they can get the real ASO data for iOS 12 App Store and Google Play.

Hint! If you don’t have AppFollow account yet, you should create it now to get the Real iOS 12 Search Results :)

And don’t forget to click ? as much as you can!

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