Best Amazon Review Software Tools

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Best Amazon Review Software Tools

Table of Content:

  1. Why Should You Use Amazon Feedback Software?
  2. FeebackExpress - User Review Tool for Sellers
    • Pricing
  3. AppFollow - App Review Management Tool
    • Pricing
  4. xSellco Feedback - Amazon Review Management Software
    • Pricing
  5. Feedback Genius - User Review Management Software
    • Pricing
  6. Jungle Scout - Amazon Feedback Software
    • Pricing
  7. FeedbackFive Amazon Review Software
    • Pricing
  8. BQool Feedback Central for Amazon Product Reviews
    • Pricing
    • Conclusion

With so much competition on the market, conquering one of the largest marketplaces ever can be a tall order for many online store owners out there. It only makes sense that if you should get every advantage possible in order to breakthrough. The biggest advantage you can have, of course, is the trust of your customers. It’s crucial to maintain a high rating for your store, as your sales directly depend on it.

But where should you begin on this journey? What software can you use to improve your situation, boost the ranking and get more sales? Learn more in this short article.

Why Should You Use Amazon Feedback Software?

As reported by Statista, 93.8% of Amazon customers consider user reviews before making a purchase in one way or another. Of course, some users only trust verified comments, and the majority of customers are cautious as to what they read - and it makes sense, the customers have long since learned to be careful and spot dodgy comments from a glance.

Thus, it’s only natural that you, as a seller, should engage with customers directly whenever possible. Doing all of this manually is feasible with a low volume of reviews, but even so, it will take a chunk of your time to deal with that daily. And soon as your store gets a booming sale, that’s exactly when things can go in the wrong direction - unless you’re prepared for that.

Alright, no more beating around the bush, let’s get down to specific software you as an Amazon seller can use.

Do note: the list was compiled in no particular order and is not sponsored by any external parties.

FeebackExpress - User Review Tool for Sellers

FeedbackExpress is a part of a larger software suite eDesk, designed to help Amazon sellers work with user reviews better and more efficiently. It’s a great software to use if your aim is to increase your rating and respond to incoming comments quickly.

Notable feature list:

  • Multilingual review templates
  • Review scheduling - send responses at a certain point in the future
  • Automatic parsing of data into the review response - order info, logo, images, etc.
  • Inappropriate review flagging for removal by Amazon
  • Automatic email delivery and campaigns
  • Useful and insightful dashboards
  • User surveys functionality
FeedbackExpress UI in action

This software tool is particularly useful for beginner Amazon sellers, due to its user-friendly interface, learning curve, and feature set. Its customers note how valuable it is to shear down much-needed time to check negative reviews for new products, especially for high-volume products.


  • 28-day trial
  • Plans range from £39 to £179 monthly, if billed annually. More expensive plans include a higher email limit and more support channels

AppFollow - App Review Management Tool

AppFollow is a platform, capable of helping you answer to user reviews on almost any platform out there. With its help, you can manage your application or product on Amazon, regardless if you have a store or an app.

Notable feature list:

  • Sentiment tracking
  • Useful dashboards
  • App Store app analytics
  • Google Play app analytics
  • Review tagging
  • Inappropriate review flagging
  • Automation - tag, respond to reviews, and report spam automatically
  • Keyword tools to help you show up in search better
  • KPI trackers - CSAT, average response time, rating change, and many others
AppFollow’s Ratings Chart feature, available for Amazon sellers

AppFollow is a software tool specifically built for working ASO and review management, making it ideal for the task of managing on mobile marketplaces, including Amazon. To enhance its functionality even further, the service can be integrated with a lot of other third-party applications to ensure flawless FBA seller workflows.

AppFollow customers often note the great benefit of the service in conjunction with other support apps - like Zendesk - and the positive impact on the product rating and sales.


  • 10-day trial
  • Plans range from Free ($0) to $499 and custom Enterprise offers. Top-tier plans include more automation capability, much higher limits, advanced security, and much more

xSellco Feedback - Amazon Review Management Software

xSellco is a UK-based Amazon feedback management software company, offering its customers a convenient way of dealing with incoming user feedback and product reviews. It’s great for both inbound and outbound communication and is suitable for all Amazon marketplaces.

Notable feature list:

  • Additional marketplaces can be used free of charge
  • Integration with eBay, TrustPilot, and many others
  • A/B testing for emails
  • Email scheduling for all occasions
  • Email alerts
xSellco’s Feedback dashboard feature screenshot - courtesy of eDesk Help Center

xSellco software is helpful with the automation of the emailing and review process, significantly cutting down time spent on these activities. At the end of the day, you can launch intricate follow-up campaigns, email sequences, and other interesting ways to engage with the customer - on Amazon and other marketplaces.


  • 14-day trial
  • Plans range from $45 to $139 per month if billed annually, with top-tier plans including more automation tools, more support channels, and higher limits

Feedback Genius - User Review Management Software

Feedback Genius (part of SellerLabs) software specializes in providing Amazon sellers with email automation and review management capabilities, among other functions. It’s a great tool to boost your conversion on Amazon, attach files, images, and signatures to emails.

Notable feature list:

  • Email automation, campaigns, scheduling, templates
  • Feedback requests and product reviews
  • Customizable notifications
  • Email A/B testing
An example of Feedback Genius’s template gallery, courtesy of SellerLabs PRO Walkthrough on Youtube

Based on customer feedback, Feedback Genius is reasonably priced for the feature set it offers to its Amazon seller customers, whereas its UI could a little bit more work to make the solution truly great.


  • 30-day trial
  • Pricing plans are based on your annual 3P sales on Amazon and range from $49 to $799 per month if billed annually. Top tier plans include additional support channels, up to a dedicated account manager for Enterprise users

Jungle Scout - Amazon Feedback Software

Jungle Scout helps sellers on Amazon to work with feedback better, promote the seller’s website and establish better communication with customers. Jungle Scout is not limited to a single tool available to the market, but is a quickly growing Amazon business consulting agency, looking to offer its customers both the tools and expertise on getting the most of Amazon FBA and more.

Notable feature list:

  • Email campaigns, scheduling, customization
  • Email campaign A/B testing
  • Useful dashboards, statistics
  • Keyword generator
  • Competitor overview
  • Supplier search
  • Chrome extension
Jungle Scout’s interface, courtesy of Jungle Scout’s product tour

Jungle Scout’s customers note slick and user-friendly UI, as well as the efficiency of the Keyword tool. On top of that, Jungle Scout is known for its great customer support, which really is a deciding factor when it comes to a SaaS business.


  • No trial period offered, but there is a 7-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee policy for every customer.
  • Plans range from $29 to $84 per month if billed annually, with the top tier plan offering more automation capabilities, higher limits, and additional user seats

FeedbackFive Amazon Review Software

FeedbackFive is an Amazon Review Software, and a part of the eComEngine’s software suite for Amazon, eBay, and other marketplace sellers. With its help, you can reliably reach out to customers, reply to user feedback, and much more. The limits and the toolset of the software indicate that its best suited for businesses either in the stage of rapid growth or already on enterprise-level delivery volumes.

Notable feature list:

  • A vast number of emails available in the plans - up to a million, making it ideal for high-volume campaigns
  • Specific monitoring of certain items on Amazon (top-selling, high markup, etc)
  • Product activity and dynamics tracker
  • Feedback tracker, suited for dealing with both negative and positive feedback
  • Email automation, email templates, scheduling
  • Free plan available
Feedback Five’s interface, courtesy of Feedback Five’s product tour

FeedbackFive software sports a user-friendly interface, and can automatically parse your Amazon orders into its system. Based on user feedback and product reviews, the pre-built email templates could use some work, but otherwise, this is a splendid solution for a growing FBA seller business.


  • 14-day trial
  • Plans range from free ($0) to $899.99. Top tier plans include a much higher email limit, more automation features, templates, and more support options

BQool Feedback Central for Amazon Product Reviews

BQool’s Feedback Central offers its Amazon seller customers an AI-augmented Amazon product review software, designed to improve the efficiency of your emailing campaigns and product review response strategy. It is capable of providing optimal email schedules and other recommendations for maximum efficiency in engagement with your customers.

Notable feature list:

  • Automated review replies and emails
  • Feedback requests
  • Useful dashboards
  • Email templates, outreach automation based on rules, scheduling
  • Delivery scheduling for FBA and FBM orders
  • Email history with filters
  • VAT invoicing for shipping to EU-based customers
BQool’s Feedback Central interface snippet - courtesy of BQool’s Review Central product tour

Among public reviews of the review software, customers often mention fantastic customer service for the whole range of BQool’s products.


  • 14-day trial
  • Plans range from $50 to $500 per month if charged annually, with top-tier plans sporting higher limits for emails, ASINs, and channels


And thus, now you as an Amazon seller have a shortlist of really good solutions to choose from in order to enhance your Amazon (and other marketplaces as well) review management strategy.

Communication is everything. Whenever you choose the software that will help you do this job better, always keep in mind that the ends justify the means. The top 20% of high-rated FBA seller stores get 80% of the customer base. This rule reigns supreme in the free market - and you want to be on the generous end of it.

If you want to learn how AppFollows works, feel free to reach to us - we’ll be glad to help! Our ASO consulting team will be to aid you with even the most complex problems.

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