Viber removes 60% of inappropriate app reviews with AppFollow

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Viber removes 60% of inappropriate app reviews with  AppFollow

Table of Content:

  1. Challenge
  2. Solution
  3. Result

Viber is a calling and messaging app that connects people with a free and secured communication. Hundreds of millions of people use Viber every month to chat with their loved ones.


Viber wants to address any issues users face and brings top class customer experience. Apart from that, Viber’s team priority is to ensure the app page is clean and free of any offensive or inappropriate reviews. The team was looking for a solution that would empower the Customer Support team to track, respond to mobile app reviews and report reviews violating app stores’ commenting policies.


In February 2020, Viber started using AppFollow as the platform covered all the necessary use cases the Customer Support team had. The team managed to process, review and respond to thousands of reviews.

Being able to quickly dive into the product Viber has achieved some noticeable results with reporting inappropriate reviews such as spam and offensive language using the “Report a concern” feature in AppFollow.


Viber team has reported 1100 reviews in with just one click via the AppFollow within 6 months App Store and Google Play combined. 60% of reports were satisfied and thus removed from the Viber’s app pages.

“Report a concern” has been an effective way in helping us achieve a tidy app page where users can get the information they are looking for by going through reviews by other users. The beauty is that we additionally can manage and respond to reviews and comments using AppFollow as a one stop shop.”

Rina Hamati, Customer Support Representative in Viber


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