AppFollow 8.4: Product Update

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AppFollow 8.4: Product Update

Table of Content:

  1. Reply to Reviews 2.0
  2. AI-generated replies
  3. Webinar: Revolutionize your business with competitor and market intel
  4. Automate Apple Search Ads with our new partner

AppFollow's latest product update is here, packed with exciting new features that will help you take your app growth to the next level.

Our Reply to reviews page has undergone a complete design overhaul, making it faster, more intuitive, and more effective than ever. We're also thrilled to announce our first big step in the AI journey with our one-click, AI-generated replies to reviews.

And that's not all — we're hosting a webinar on competitors intel that will give you the inside scoop on how to stay ahead of the game. Finally, we're proud to welcome a new partner.

Reply to Reviews 2.0

We're excited to announce the latest update to our product, which includes a completely redesigned interface for our review management page. We're currently running an open beta, and aim to provide you with the latest features and improvements to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our new interface is faster, more stable, and has a better user experience based on customer feedback. We've made dozens of improvements to the filtering and overall review management.

reply to reviews 2.0 appfollow
Our updated Reply to Reviews page

Here’s what you can expect after switching to the new interface:

  • Faster and more efficient review management with updated visuals
  • Improved user experience for better engagement and higher ratings
  • Easy access the most valuable reviews with simplified filtering

Complete list of updates available in the AppFollow Help Center.

It's important to highlight that this version is not the final one, and we strongly rely on your feedback to help us make it even better. We encourage you to switch to Reply to Reviews 2.0 and let us know your thoughts and suggestions to make it even better for you.

Check out the updated Reply to Reviews page

AI-generated replies

Another revolutionary feature — AI-generated replies — is now available to everyone to test out!

AI solutions are here to enhance your productivity, and it becomes even more valuable when integrated into your existing workflow.

ai replies appfollow
AI-generated replies by AppFollow

AppFollow’s AI-generated replies will help you to:

  • Save hours on replying to customer feedback, by generating high-quality personalized replies in one click.
  • Reduce costs for app developers and support teams, allowing staff to focus on more complex user inquiries.
  • Easily communicate with your international customers in their native language, making them feel valued and understood.
  • Maintain brand consistency through AI learning from past replies for a unique voice (coming soon).
  • Enjoy an effortless and smooth experience on the App Store and Google Play.

And the best part? It’s already included in all plans and you can try it out for free! Head over to your account, switch to a new Reply to Reviews interface, and get started today.

Try our AI features for free

Webinar: Revolutionize your business with competitor and market intel

competitor and market intel webinar

Studying your competition can yield valuable insights that can inform your business strategy. Having doubts about running competitor analysis? We’ve invited a few experts to help you find answers to these back-of-head questions. Register here.

Automate Apple Search Ads with our new partner

For those looking to run profitable campaigns in Apple Search Ads (ASA), we recommend checking out our new partner — Asapty. With integration with MMPs, auto-rules, and automatic bid adjustments, they have everything you need to optimize your ASA campaigns.

Register in Asapty using this link and use promo code APPFOLLOW to get one month of PRO plan for free!

Keep an eye out for more updates from AppFollow, and let's keep working towards our mission of boosting your app's reputation!

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