Unlocking Automation

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Unlocking Automation

Table of Content:

  1. Why Automation?
  2. Automation at AppFollow
  3. Automation in times of Economic Uncertainty
  4. When to Automate?
  5. Benefits of Automated Workflows
    • Reduction in Manual Work
    • Support Cross-Team Collaboration
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Reduced Operational Costs & Drive Scale
  6. Further Learning

Why Automation?

Few technologies have improved the customer and employee experience and driven better business outcomes than automation. By automating key workflows, organizations can reduce operational costs, ensure accuracy, drive efficiency, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive edge among industry peers.

Automation at AppFollow

Let’s look at the following opportunities your team can reduce the amount of time and resources spent on automated tasks by working with AppFollow:


Streamline your workflow by enabling auto-replies and instantly sending appropriate replies to reviews that match a predefined set of criteria.


Understand the VoC, analyze reviews with more accuracy, and share feedback with other departments more efficiently and effectively. Clients can leverage AppFollow as an agile tagging solution and improve their ZenDesk workflows as well.

Report a Concern

Protect your app’s brand by automatically reporting spam, offensive, and nonsense reviews to be removed from your app pages.

Automation in times of Economic Uncertainty

The recent headlines about recession, layoffs, and inflation is cause for concern for even the most established organizations. Understandably, companies are looking to avoid adding additional operational costs during this time. However, not adding more resources does not necessarily limit your ability to scale in these uncertain times.

This is not to say that team members are replaced by automation. By leveraging automation and reducing manual work, you are providing team members with more engaging workflows and higher-value tasks that will have the highest impact on the success of your app and ultimately benefit the entire organization. Automation provides organizations with the opportunity to reduce operational costs without negatively impacting the customer experience.

When to Automate?

Despite the positive impact automated workflows have on your organization, shifting from a manual approach to an automated strategy can feel daunting, especially when you’re considering automating a process that has a personal touch, such as responding to a customer’s review. You might be concerned about the wrong reply being sent to a customer review or sounding robotic.

Although these concerns are common, the solution is not to continue with manual work. Instead, we need to shift the way we view automation in the workplace. It’s important to remember that your automation strategy and respective messaging are human-designed and only the delivery is automated.

Automation can help organizations of all sizes, significantly smaller or medium-sized businesses.

A recent automation report from Zapier states: 

Repetitive tasks that need to be done often, and that possibly interrupt your workflow, are ideal for automation. The ROI for automation is immediate. You will spend less time every day on repetitive work and be able to focus on the tasks that create value and drive scale.

Benefits of Automated Workflows

Reduction in Manual Work

When workflows are automated, they are completed faster, and more correctly, and makes exchanging information throughout the organization much easier. By automating key workflows and eliminating the amount of manual work, you are providing team members with more engaging opportunities that will increase satisfaction and ultimately benefit the entire organization. Now that employee can use their time and skillset more effectively, leading to more job satisfaction.

Support Cross-Team Collaboration

Automation helps connect different teams throughout the organization by providing updated and relevant information that can be shared more effectively. Reporting made available through AppFollow automation tools links customer feedback, data, and key metrics, providing insight into areas of growth, so you can make informed decisions to enhance your app’s performance.

Improved Customer Experience

Implementing scalable workflows facilitates an improved customer experience as well. 85% of respondents to the IDC survey agree that an improved employee experience and higher employee engagement translate to a better customer experience, higher customer satisfaction, and higher revenues for their organization.

Let’s use auto-tags as an example. By using auto-tags, team members can analyze customer reviews with more accuracy and share these insights with other departments more efficiently and effectively. These insights can then be used to inform your overall mobile-app strategy.

Reduced Operational Costs & Drive Scale

AppFollow’s automation tools can perform manual tasks such as replying or tagging reviews more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Therefore, the time previously dedicated to these tasks can be reinvested in areas that drive the value and revenue of your organization. As a result, organizations can scale their business more efficiently.

Further Learning

For further information on how AppFollow can support your automation strategy, please watch our Unlocking Automation webinar recording.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The value and impact of automation
  • Best practices for realizing the full benefit of automation
  • How to assess the value and impact of automation

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