AppFollow 8.3: What's new

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AppFollow 8.3: What's new

Table of Content:

  1. Reply to Reviews Open Beta
  2. Demo view of our Premium features
  3. App Store Connect Official API
  4. Public Product Roadmap
    • We want your feedback!
  5. London calling!

We can’t believe it’s AppFollow 8.3 already! So much to say and so much is still in progress. This February, our yet another product update brings you a more stable service that suggests you a plan for actions with easier navigation. Besides that, you now have a sneak peek of features you’re interested in before making a purchase, be able to see what we are cooking, and also meet us face-to-face at App Promotion Summit in London, UK at the end of March.

Let’s roll!

Reply to Reviews Open Beta

Our Review Management tools are our pride and joy, and we couldn’t have been happier to share a fully rebuilt section that you can try today.

“Loading speed is incredible” — early adopters

What has changed:

  • Completely updated UX and UI based on your feedback, with quick access to the most popular filters, and options to save filter combinations as presets to have all the important reviews in sight.
  • 20x’s times faster loading speed to save your energy for communicating with customers.
  • Our “Require attention” preset highlights the most valuable reviews worldwide — featured reviews without reply, which is the first thing potential customers see when visiting your app's page.

    Do you want to join open beta? Fill in this form and we’ll activate it for you.

    Demo view of our Premium features

    You can get a preview of the data sets outlined below, before you even request its trial. This saves you time and gives an understanding of what insights you can unveil by using these features.

    Save time and gain a clear understanding of the insights you can uncover by previewing the data in the most insightful sections of AppFollow even before requesting a trial.

    • Semantic analysis: Review insights
    • Automation performance: Auto-replies and auto-tags reports
    • Organic dashboard: High-level traffic analysis
    • Downloads by keywords: Most valuable keywords report

    Try it here.

    App Store Connect Official API

    Everyone needs more stability in life. So we decided to influence areas that we can, such as setting up an integration with App Store Connect for replying to reviews. How does this benefit you? From now on:

    • No more dependency on us for setting it up: you can do everything yourself.
    • A faster notification of any possible issues with your app or game, and — as a result — resolve time.
    • Ability to start responding to reviews right after the set up with no delays.

    Set it up here with a detailed instruction here.

    Public Product Roadmap

    We’ve made it easier for you to request new features and monitor what is planned to be released in the near future.

    In our Product Roadmap you can review what has already been requested, vote for the most critical features, and set alerts to be notified when we release it. 

    Check the roadmap here and share it with your colleagues: we will be evaluating new features based on demand and your feedback. Also, if you subscribe to a feature you can be invited to early beta and dip your toes before anyone else.

    We want your feedback!

    We are working hard on improving AppFollow and shipping features you want, so asking you here to please fill out this survey to get a clearer understanding of your usage and how to further support your success.

    London calling!

    Attending App Promotion Summit, visiting or simply residing in London? Let’s meet! Book a meeting with our of our reps here.


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