Gear up your Customer Support team with Freshdesk

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Gear up your Customer Support team with Freshdesk

Table of Content:

  1. Provide a first-class customer service
  2. Enable agents to provide quality support
  3. Start in one click

Have you ever missed an important app review because it mixed up with tons of others? Or postponed your response because you couldn’t answer at once? All such delays may affect your app rating and customers’ loyalty. If you use Freshdesk to work with customers’ reviews, we know how to speed up your reply to reviews routine.

AppFollow Integration with Freshdesk helps you get all apps’ reviews where you need them most, so that you can track and respond to all the feedback about your app. With this Integration you have:

  1. All mobile and desktop apps’ reviews in one place — receive users’ feedback about iOS, Android, Mac, Microsoft and Amazon apps, including XBox games and Amazon items;
  2. New and updated reviews as tickets — stay updated either via email or Freshdesk account;
  3. A ticket with the whole history of communication, including previous messages — don’t reply blindly to users’ complaints;
  4. Quick access to users’ data — app version, country or language, time stamp, and the number of words;
  5. React to critical reviews faster — filter reviews by stars to get only negative ones or to direct negative and positive reviews to different teams;
  6. Support customers globally — get reviews that are already translated into your language and send responses translated into your customers’ languages
Reply to reviews using Freshdesk
Apart from the review itself, a ticket contains the information about a user: country or language, app version, time stamp, and previous messages.

Provide a first-class customer service

Level up your customer support using benefits of both platforms, AppFollow and Freshdesk.

AppFollow will deliver all users’ reviews even faster than the app store would notify you directly. You have an option to customize what reviews to get: tick the number of stars and get all of them, positive, or negative ones. You can also assign tickets to your colleagues, and send your reply via email or right from your Freshdesk account — speed up your work with customers.

You can harness all the features Freshdesk has to offer like : internal notes, tags, and reply templates to grasp a user’s problem even faster.

New tickets with apps' reviews in Freshdesk
Use all benefits of Freshdesk, for instance, leave a help note about a tricky ticket to a colleague.

Add more context to your replies: the Integration shows you a user’s previous complaints, so you can create a thoughtful reply. You will see customer history in the same ticket, and can cover the issue more thoroughly.

Go further with your customer service: keep in touch with users as soon as they update their reviews or ratings. In this case, you will get an updated ticket and will be able to react immediately

Send your replies using Freshdesk to increase customer loyalty and get more downloads from new ones
Fast reaction leads to higher ratings and conversion rate. Here a user had sent a 1* review, but changed his mind after getting help from the customer support.

All these actions lead to higher app’s rating and increase customers’ retention rate.

Enable agents to provide quality support

Replying to reviews is not enough. Be better than that, monitor and constantly improve your team’s work.

Use AppFollow Integration with Freshdesk to track both team’s and particular agents’ work:

  • How quick a support team or an agent replies
  • What events lead to delays in replies
  • How customers change their rating after replies
  • How quickly the team closes tickets
  • How delays influence app’s rating.

It's the same way you'd see reporting on the ordinary tickets, but here you could track performance of the team and how they handle user reviews.

Start in one click

It is simple to start getting reviews as tickets and send your response. Use your Freshdesk email to connect the AppFollow account.

Check our guide for a quick start.

Get in touch with our customer success team, we’ll help you to connect all your team members, apps and products you need.

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