How to Do Competitive Analysis on Mobile Apps with Ease

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How to Do Competitive Analysis on Mobile Apps with Ease

Table of Content:

  1. Product Insights
  2. Marketing Insights
  3. How to use the tool
    • General View
    • Extended View
    • Reviews View
    • App Store Optimization View
App data is changing so fast: new releases, features, prices, ASO metadata, and users’ moods are so dynamic that it’s tough to stay up to date. All this data is crucial for making the right decisions. To provide our customers with voice of the customer, a complete overview of product development and marketing efforts, AppFollow has totally revamped the Compare Apps tool.

Compare Apps is a perfect fit if you’re keeping track of your app’s performance on different platforms or studying your competitors to find new growth hacking ideas.

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Product Insights

Get a quick understanding of shortcomings and issues that check the growth of your app or game. Easily compare your app’s activities in 5 major stores: App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon Appstore, to come up with better solutions. The tool will help you grasp the basic metrics worldwide and in particular countries that will move your product forward.

Marketing Insights

The Compare Apps tool helps you match your app performance with a competitor to detect emerging competitive threats. You will spot your competitors weaknesses promptly, together with shortcomings in pricing or localization. These insights will give you ideas about how to promote your app to beat the competition.


How to use the tool

The Compare Apps tool has four different views that summarize all the parts of your app:

  1. General View — gives you a quick overview of the app’s activities.
  2. Extended View — a deep analysis of compatibility, available languages, and monetization strategy.
  3. Reviews View — provides a thorough outline of your customers’ satisfaction level and customer support performance.
  4. ASO View — find the flaws in your ASO easily, and see how to improve your app visibility.

General View

Compare your app's activities on different platforms to detect weaknesses or find potential growth points. For example, if we look at the Homescapes iOS game, we notice that it has a lower ranking and bigger app size than its Android version. It might drive potential users away from the iOS version.

app analytics comparison

Another way to work with this View is to find your competitors’ flaws: such as which apps don’t have an Apple Watch version; which ones are free or paid; which are ranked at the top. For example, the Calm app is #1 in the Health and Fitness category; but when compared to its competitor Headspace it doesn't have an app for Apple Watch.

best mobile app analytics tools

Knowing these basic metrics, we can go deeper into details to find out what else we’re missing.

Extended View

It is especially important to know your competitors’ strategy in the app stores: where they localize their apps - meaning which countries they are targeting, or how much they charge for their in-app purchases or subscriptions. To dive even deeper, you can grab additional data here from third-party services, such as Sensor Tower or Similar Web.

For example, the Asana Rebel app has French, German, and Italian locales, whereas the Freeletics app offers Japanese, Polish, and Turkish languages. As for their monetization strategies, we can see that Asana Rebel has the cheapest Pro tariff, while Freeletics offers the most expensive one.

mobile app analytics comparison

This data will help you align your marketing strategy with the leading performers and capture the market.

Reviews View

Discover your customer satisfaction level and customer support performance from a single dashboard. Here you have three average ratings:

  1. Average Rating — your normal rating as you see it on the app page.
  2. Average Rating by Reviews — shows what your users really think of the app.
  3. Average Rating by Featured Reviews — displays how well your featured reviews convert visitors into customers. These reviews have the biggest impact on your conversion rate.

For example, the Homescapes Android app has the greatest number of reviews per month (24,449) and only 0.2% of them have a reply from the developer. What’s more, none of the featured reviews has a reply. It has a great effect on both average rating and rating by reviews. A 3-star rating by featured reviews means that the support team has a significant amount of work to do.

best mobile analytics

This view is also a great help towards leaving your competitors behind by providing first-class customer support.

App Store Optimization View

Gear up your ASO strategy by quickly analyzing your competitors’ data. Here you can find what to improve in your app subtitle, add, or remove a video from the app page.


Find the meta you are missing: for instance, Nike Run Club doesn’t have a promo banner, and neither Asana Rebel nor Freeletics use video. These are the growth points to look at while working on a new ASO strategy.

We might also notice that the Calm app uses only 4 characters in the app title, whereas the Headspace app uses all the available characters to index higher for search requests like “Meditation” or “Sleep”.

best mobile app analytics tools

Find out what's missing from your ASO by comparing apps on different platforms. You now understand what you need to do to increase the app’s visibility.


These insights are essential for making the right product development decisions. Do you need to stay on top of app updates and discover what your competitors are up to in an instant? This tool will be the best fit for your needs.

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