Announcing Salesforce integration: all customer feedback in one place

Many publishers and game developers get lost in a sea of user reviews coming from different sources, including contact forms, communities, app stores, social media, etc. Putting all of this together is a lot of work. However, if you’re missing any of these sources, you may be dwelling in the dark about what your customers think about the product and its future.

Gather all the user feedback in one place — your Salesforce account. From now on, you will get all the customer feedback about your iOS, Android, and Windows apps right in Salesforce.

The brand new AppFollow integration with Salesforce gathers new and updated app reviews, allowing you to analyze the complete information about your users and reply to them from your Salesforce account.

5 reasons to give it a try

1. Get to know what’s going on with your apps and users. Receive daily updates via email to quickly understand what your customers are up to.

2. Instantly react to the feedback that matters most. Review the details by clicking the Case number.

3. Choose the right feedback to reply to. For example, when a customer has changed a 5-star review to a 2-star one, be the first to find out what happened.

4. Reply to your customers as soon as you get their feedback. Respond to your customers and have your reply published in App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store right away.

5. Analyze your customers’ feedback wherever you like: in Salesforce or AppFollow. Search for their topics of interest or issues they’re complaining about. Get the insights you need to improve both your product and user retention.


There is a misconception that app reviews is a negligible communication channel. This might cause you to ignore the user feedback coming from app stores, leave user reviews unanswered and have dissatisfied customers. Now, with Salesforce and AppFollow, it is so much easier to take this feedback into account and influence your users.

Save a lot of time by having the customer feedback collected for you.
Start getting app reviews into Salesforce

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