AppFollow Q1 ’17 review

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Evgeny Kruglov
AppFollow Q1 ’17 review
TL;DR: One full year since we opened to the public in February of 2016. In terms of users we grew 11x within last 12 month. As well, Q1 ’17 revenue is almost 1/2 of the whole 2016 revenue.

Previously on AppFollow: In Q3 ‘16 we made few mistakes which led to a very modest growth in Q4 ’16. And even though we managed to finish 2016 with pretty good numbers, we understood that we need to change a lot if we want to achieve more in 2017.

Here is our short overview of 2016:

And now: We started this year with implementing new approaches to planning & controlling. We now focus not only on luring new customers to the service (which was our main target so far during all 2016) but as well on improving their user experience and making them more active users than they were before. That implies more ways of interacting with our service and raising value of each of our tools.

We respectively updated our goals and as well our vision for the service which I will cover in a separate post.

Product update

In Q1 ’17 there were 3 major releases. First of all we finally launched our ASO tools available for free every registered customer. During 2016 we’ve run over 100 ASO cases for our customers based on which we created a set of tools that can help teams run ASO themselves.

We as well launched new integrations with Search Ads & Appmetrica to help teams monitor ads performances in Slack. And, of course, multiple UI & UX tweaks to improve overall user experience with our service.

We are here ☝?

And in January our Slack-bot got to the Brilliant Bot listing reflecting growing customers’ interest.

Metrics update

As usual, few comments:
- Overall we got back on stable 30% QoQ accounts growth rate which is still purely organic, no paid channels involved. We have almost 1200% growth YoY though we should be honest — we had quite a low base a year ago.
- MRR is calculated as a sum of service & ASO subscriptions as we launched ASO tool this quarter.
- Q1 ’17 total revenue is almost 1/2 of all 2016 revenue. There are two main reasons for that:
1) ASO revenue grew up and
2) We’ve got a lot of customers with annual subscription — roughly every third.
- Calculating MAU is still tricky for us as our users are split between three channels: web, email & Slack.

Total accounts: 8,035

Total users: 9,250

Total revenue: $41'800

Q2 ’17 plans:

  • New features including long awaited Customer Support tool with Slack reply bot & Google Analytics integration. Multiple UI improvements directed to raise user engagement with the service.
  • We aim to launch new Core API to significantly speed up data aggregation from appstores & ease working with it through web interface.

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