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Search Ads Basic: Intro

What you should know about Search Ads Basic:

  • It is a simplified version of well-known Search Ads. You just need to set a budget and target CPI with no need to play with scoring, words, excluded words and bids.
  • Working only in the U.S. (global launch is promised in autumn 2018),
  • Test budget is 100$ (all as we like),
  • Downloads coming directly from the search (attention, it’s only U.S. data) — 65%
  • Apple is referring to AppsFlyer regarding the install cost and profits from 
    Search Ads (and this is really great!)

Settings are simple:

Search Ads Basic Dashboard

Advantages represented by Apple:

Data based on Apple & AppsFlyer Performance Index

If you have questions about Search Ads and ASO, please let us know and click on? as much as you can.

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