New Pricing Plans at AppFollow: How to Choose the Right One

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New Pricing Plans at AppFollow: How to Choose the Right One

Table of Content:

  1. New calculator
  2. Updated plans
  3. Useful combos
  4. Bonuses
Updated plans, "buns", new indie plan, and useful combos based on the needs of 35,000 AppFollow users.

From time to time our users were complaining about the old calculator in the billing section: there were so many options that it was hard to know what to choose. We decided to change this. Today, we will tell you what has changed and how to select a tariff plan so that you don't have to overpay.

New calculator

There were many confusing options and limit ranges in the old calculator, which were difficult to customize. We updated it: we eliminated additional functions, added more limit options, and focused on what's important: apps, monitoring, ASO, and replies to user reviews.

What’s new

1. Now there is only one obligatory field: Apps. If you use AppFollow for customer support, choose only reply to reviews, and marketing or ASO team can pay only for keywords or a number of competitors they monitor;

2. We reduced the limit ranges so you don't overpay for those ones you don't use. For example, app limits will be comfortable for both indie developers and publishers:

    • 5 apps are enough to keep track your own product in popular app stores
    • 20 apps are enough to watch over the main competitors
    • 30 apps and more allow you to keep track of a business of any scale.

    3. Keywords became cheaper: now 200 monthly requests cost as much as 50 used to cost;

    4. There is no additional payment for ASO Tools: keyword limits extend to all ASO Tools;

    5. 100 API requests per day are included in all Premium plans, no matter their cost.

      Free complements

      1. No extra payment per country anymore; all countries are free in any Premium plan;
      2. All integrations are free, even in Free plan;
      3. Free reply templates in any plan;
      4. Rating and Featured dashboards are included in any Premium plan.

      Updated plans

      At the pricing page there is now a detailed plans comparison. We know how difficult it was to navigate without this table.

      Talking about plans, we still have three main plans: Free, Premium, and Enterprise, and also a special offer for indie developers.


      Free plan remained the same. You can track two apps in two countries, analyze 20 keywords, and reply to 20 reviews each month for free. You can also use all our integrations and API (up to 100 requests per day).


      Premium plans differ depending on which AppFollow tools and features you use: monitoring, ASO, or reply to reviews. New calculator logic allows you to quickly change limits when needed.

      Monitoring: from 2 to 30 apps; more apps in the Enterprise plan. Apps are updated 4 times per day and all premium notifications are available, including App Store featured apps for tomorrow;

      ASO: the keyword limit determines daily limits for all ASO Tools. Minimal package is 200 keywords. This is total amount for all countries and collections in your account. If your app works worldwide (145 countries), 200 keywords will clearly not be enough. API limits are established depending on keywords limits (from 100 requests per day);

      Reply to reviews: from 30 to 5000 reviews per month through any integrations. Additionally, you can turn on limitless review translations (right now we are considering the possibility of translating your answers too). There are Rating Monitoring dashboard and Semantic Analysis available — contact us to turn this on for free.

      Premium plans don't include Single Sign-On and account payment.


      In the Enterprise plan users have more flexibility in terms of keyword limits, reply to reviews, and API requests.

      Here it is easier to set up team work: no restrictions to the number of users and Single Sign-On support. We are now working with four SSO services: SAML 2.0, Okta, Onelogin, and G Suite. More details in our Help Center.

      Enterprise users get priority support (a personal account manager) and pay against invoice. Additionally, we provide dedicated servers and customized tools and reports by request.

      Indie offer

      There is now a special offer for indie developers. It covers additional limits for keywords and replies to reviews for the minimal price.

      To get this special offer you need to integrate AppFollow with your App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

      Useful combos

      New flexible limits help you focus on your main goals. We developed them considering the needs of 35,000 AppFollow users, and in this section we'll share few suggestions on how to use them to the max.

      For product managers and owners

      This plan includes all Premium notifications and dashboards. And don't forget to try our new Semantic Analysis — the fastest way to understand what your users want and what the app needs to appear in the top charts.

      If you are monitoring several competitors or market leaders, 5 apps will be too few; select 15 or more.

      For ASO specialists

      Add keywords you need, track your competitors, and adopt their successful ASO ideas. 1500 keys are quite enough for the study of 5-10 locales. If you want to improve your positions worldwide, choose a limit of 3000 and more.

      By the way, our new section ASO Analytics is already in your dashboard — be the first to try it.

      For marketers

      Don't forget to add a minimal package of replies to reviews to work on users complaints, so the app rating won't drop. Auto translations will help you understand the users needs in any language.

      Send us a message to try the new Semantic Analysis. It helps in analyzing users mood and quickly finding problems and weaknesses.

      For customer support

      If the support team works in different countries, receive app reviews in different languages in different services. For example, Spanish-speaking agents can get app reviews in a special Slack channel, and English-speakers can reply from Zendesk, etc.


      1. Trial period can last up to 1 month. To obtain this, just share your experience using AppFollow. More details in our Help Center;
      2. 15% discount for the annual subscription.

      Looking for a personal offer? Tell your account manager which options you want to access most of all.


      We tried really hard to make the pricing page simple and clear. Did we succeed? Send your thoughts to

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