Shiny and new AppFollow 5.0

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Shiny and new AppFollow 5.0

Table of Content:

  1. User Feedback Management Tools
  2. New ASO tools
  3. Competitive Research for mobile apps
  4. New integrations to manage reviews and more
  5. A sneak peek of your new opportunities with AppFollow

It’s been a year since our last major update. We worked hard and are happy to introduce you a new shiny AppFollow 5.0 that includes:

  • User feedback analysis tools to identify users problems in seconds;
  • Full-featured App Store Optimization (ASO) tools with ASO analytics;
  • Competitive analysis tools;
  • New integrations including Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk native app and more

We launched today on Product Hunt and your support would mean the world to us! All you need to do is to go on Product Hunt and upvote us

Let’s dive in.

User Feedback Management Tools

The importance of user feedback is obvious, yet not a lot of apps gather, analyze and reply to it. We perfected our User Reviews Management Tool to help business understand user problems and respond to them as if by magic.

Spend seconds on analyzing reviews and replying to them whether you are an indie developer with a few reviews per week to a big brand with a hundred reviews per hour. With the help of our User Review Analysis Tool, you can conduct both quantitative and quality analysis of user feedback. Smart search by several topics, improved filters to find the most critical reviews, reply templates, automated sentiment identification, custom tags — all that for you to help your users faster.


Semantic Analysis, launched at the end of 2018, will give you a big picture of what users think about your app. We analyze all the context of reviews and show you users’ moods in general, most used words, topics and bugs in negative reviews. In our dashboard, you can monitor sentiment changes over time to identify user satisfaction with app updates.

The chart shows the number of reviews in each topic and their average rating.

Besides, you can easily analyze the efficiency of your customer success work right in AppFollow. See if users are satisfied, or you need to put more effort into fixing bugs and other issues. Track how they change reviews (became better or worse) and stars, help them to do so by quickly reacting to their concerns! In addition to that, you can set up email integration to get all reviews updates right to your inbox.

User Reviews Analysis

New ASO tools

Our App Store Optimization tools keep evolving to fulfil the needs of our customers whether they are ASO managers who like to monitor every keyword position change or marketing directors who want to see a full picture and understand what channel converts better.

ASO Analytics. Imagine a report on conversion to installs from App Store Connect and Google Play Console in one dashboard. That’s what ASO Analytics is. Monitor changes in impressions, views, and downloads from each traffic channel from different countries for different periods.

ASO Analytics
ASO Analytics

Revamped tools for keyword research. Discover growth opportunities and spy on your competitors to outperform them with popularity score for App Store and Google Play, trending keywords in app stores, what are your competitors’ ASO and Search Ads strategies. Set up the integration of ASO tools with Slack, Discord or email and receive auto-updates.

Featured Apps not only for the App Store but also for Google Play. Now you can track mentions by Apple and Google in one tool and analyze their impact on installs via ASO Analytics tools. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors’ mentions!

Top Charts for Google Play. Track top paid, free and grossing Android apps divided by country and day to find app stores trends and strengthen your strategy.

Competitive Research for mobile apps

Keep track of your and your competitor’s app performance from different platforms in one dashboard. Get insights on how your apps perform in different app stores, what monetization and localization strategies your competitors use, what ASO data you are missing and what you can adopt from other apps.

Go further and compare how you and competitors work with reviews, if and how they reply to them and how users change their rating afterward. Discover if you can increase your rating by working with reviews and arm yourself to win.

New integrations to manage reviews and more

Work with your users wherever you are: we added lots of integrations for you to work with user reviews in your favourite services.

Now, you can receive all reviews in Salesforce and manage your users’ reviews right there. Alternatively, you can set up an integration with Microsoft Teams bot if your team is using it!

For customer support teams that use Zendesk, we improved our native Zendesk app — now more views, tags, and reply options are available. We also updated the integration set up itself, no more wasting time, start working with users straight away.

For everyone who monitors user feedback in messengers, we added a new option — Telegram integration.

For Jira fans, we created an integration with it. A bug or insufficient design, login issues or new update — send to Jira only the feedback you need and improve your app right away.

We are getting you closer to every user you have. This summer we began to support replies for Windows apps. More app stores are coming soon ;)

A sneak peek of your new opportunities with AppFollow

Our goal is to save your time on working with ASO, user reviews and monitoring mobile apps, and make this process as flawless as possible. Something is brewing in our product teams at the moment and we are extremely excited about it. Here is you sneak peek:

  • Brand-new dashboards to help you manage apps and grow visibility in the blink of an eye. We’re starting off with ASO Dashboard — give us a shout to take part in beta testing;
  • More tools for monitoring your sales and revenue;
  • New tools to automate your reply to reviews routine.

Stay tuned!

Your AppFollow Team

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