The 6 most important organic traffic and ASO KPIs you should be tracking

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The 6 most important organic traffic and ASO KPIs you should be tracking

Table of Content:

  1. 6 crucial ASO KPIs you should pay attention to
  2. Market visibility intelligence
  3. Analyze the metadata update impact on the Organic traffic KPIs
    • Which keywords work best?
  4. Summary

Organic users tend to spend almost three times the money in Shopping apps and show higher LTV and engagement metrics when compared to non-organic shoppers, according to an Appsflyer report. That said, optimization for organic traffic and ASO are crucial in 2020. Most app businesses track Paid UA efforts with powerful KPIs, but tracking the Organic UA is still a challenge.

We're excited to introduce the AppFollow ASO Dashboard, an easy way to track organic traffic, major KPIs and metrics; and evaluate how overall Organic UA strategy and app updates impact app visibility score and download growth. Even if you don’t deal with metadata directly, the Dashboard will give you a quick overview of your team's work and whether your KPIs are being met.

6 crucial ASO KPIs you should pay attention to

Suppose you updated the app metadata in the store, and now you'd like to present your efforts to your client or share the latest developments with the line managers. What is the best way to do this?

AppFollow ASO Dashboard provides 6 crucial KPIs you should be tracking, and gives you a zoomed out picture of the major Organic Traffic metrics:

  1. Store Performance Index: The overall App performance in the App Store or Google Play. This metric includes ASO and Rating & Reviews sections and describes how well the app page is optimized for the user.
  2. Search Visibility Score: AppFollow proprietary Index, which is calculated by using all keywords that the app is ranking for, with the highest popularity and highest position. The more Top-10 positions the app has for the popular keywords — the better the visibility score, which means more chances to get downloads. This is the major ASO metric and allows you to see how the app’s organic visibility is changing over time, compared to the competition.
    Turn on the "Category trend" to display the score range for the Top-50% apps in the Category. If the Search Visibility Score is below the range for the selected app — that means app does not have enough visibility in search results and app owner should work on ASO.
    "Top-34%" badge will show app position in the Best Search Visibility chart.
  3. Total Ranked Keywords: Another important Organic UA metric to track, as this number clearly indicates the app popularity in the Store. After every successful update, the number of indexed keywords should grow to enable more users to find the app.
  4. Keyword movements: Number of New keywords and Increased position keywords allows you to get the whole picture — how the app is growing in the Organic search.
  5. Organic Search Downloads: Analytics data from the App Store and Google Play, which indicates the number of downloads from the Search organic channel for the selected app in the selected country.
  6. Organic Conversion Rate: Current Conversion rate from Impression to Install for the Search channel, compared with the category benchmarks.

Market visibility intelligence

Search Visibility Score is growing for Fitness apps in the US App Store. Source:

Besides tracking your app’s visibility, the Keyword Visibility Score chart shows the global market situation and overall category trends. As shown in the chart above, visibility for Fitness apps in the US is going up, and it’s crucial to realize that these falls or rises are a reflection of the market, and not you alone.

This way, by tracking the Visibility score of major competitors and market players, you will always be aware of the Organic visibility in your category. So if your competitors’ visibility is growing and yours isn’t — then it’s time to rethink your Organic UA and ASO strategies.

Organic Power Chart overview shows your Search Visibility performance, compared to rivals. The bigger the app circle — the better search visibility app has and ranking for more keywords. 

Analyze the metadata update impact on the Organic traffic KPIs


A quick look at the Dashboard is enough to evaluate the success of the update:

  1. App’s visibility doubled
  2. The number of indexed keywords got a 25% boost
  3. Positions for almost 200 search terms have been improved

It took no more than a minute to analyze the Organic app performance and ASO metrics without having to dive into the keyword lists. The app update was successful and Organic UA or ASO Manager did a great job.

The Organic Keywords Trend chart will help with assessing the extent of the changes. The chart is showing Total Indexed Keywords growth and position distribution, and this is the perfect option to make a visual analysis of the Optimization effort. If the number of keywords in the Top-1 and Top-5 grew after the update, the changes had a positive impact.

After linking the App Store or Google Play account you will be able to see how keyword distribution affects the Downloads and Conversion Rate metrics.

Track how many keywords your app is indexed by

Successful ASO Optimizations have to deliver visible results — new Downloads. The chart shows the app’s downloads by every Store channel, meaning that analyzing every traffic source and making decisions became easier.

Easy way to evaluate ASO performance

Which keywords work best?

If you would like to deep dive into keyword performance, use the Top Gainers and Top Losers

The Top Gainers block shows search terms with the most growth over the specified period. It helps find new or unexpected terms that can bring more search traffic. For instance, the ‘island’ request grew by 39 positions to 11th place. We can use this insight to find terms with similar keywords.

The Top Losers block shows the keywords by which the app lost its positions. This is the fastest way to find and replace keywords that don't do the job.

When hovering over a request, you can see how popular it is, and add it to the tracking list quickly — if it's not there already.

And the last, but not least, thing to finalize your ASO Performance review is the Keyword Positioning Map. This analysis tool shows the current situation with the general keywords and lets you monitor their changes. The map has 4 areas that show keyword effectiveness, and the dots here represent the keywords' positions. The dots are color-coded: high positions are green, and low positions vary from gray to red.

Keyword Positioning Map to track your ASO performance


Tracking the Organic UA and ASO impact on the app business became easier. On the ASO Dashboard page, you got the exact numbers to track regularly. No need to deep dive into keywords and low-level data — you have all the KPIs on a single page.

Market visibility intelligence will provide you with detailed insights on the current situation inside the category. Make data-driven decisions with the AppFollow ASO Dashboard data.

AppFollow is a full-cycle ASO machine that offers you all the necessary tools — from initial keyword research to KPIs, metrics analysis and reporting.

Start your 10-day free trial right now and track your ASO success.


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