How to Manage Your Apps’ Performance

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How to Manage Your Apps’ Performance

Table of Content:

  1. For Mobile Executives & Product Owners
  2. For ASO Experts & Analysts
  3. For Indie Developers

As a product owner or a marketer, you deal with a wealth of data to make the right decisions in order to move your mobile business forward. Yet, it can be very frustrating when you have to switch between different tools trying to gather your data and performance metrics in one place.

You don’t have to spend time doing that anymore. We’re glad to announce our new solution that allows you to monitor your app’s performance — Downloads & Revenue. Get all the insights to measure your key metrics and adapt your business strategy in a single dashboard.

Downloads & Revenue tool is essential for product managers, marketers, and indie developers:

For Mobile Executives & Product Owners

Mobile product managers and executives save their precious time monitoring a single dashboard with key sales metrics for all their apps in one place.

Downloads & Revenue features in AppFollow

For ASO Experts & Analysts

Marketers, ASO specialists, and Analysts can use Downloads & Revenue to analyze how changes they implement affect business performance with the help of metrics like Refunds, new versions Updates, and others.

Downloads & Revenue metrics example

For Indie Developers

Small business owners and indie developers simplify their workflows by getting sales data via customized email reports or setting API.

Downloads & Revenue custom reports showcase

Key benefits:

  • Unified data from App Store Connect and Google Play Console with smooth navigation between countries and time periods.
  • The ability to correlate fluctuations in downloads and revenue with your ASO and product changes.
  • Your ASO team performance is easier to measure.
  • Important data updates sent to your Slack or email.
  • Flexible reports delivered through AppFollow API (coming soon).
  • Free access to all basic metrics.
  • Shared workspace and data for your team members — invite them to join AppFollow!

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