Helpshift’s integration with AppFollow: the ultimate combo of in-app customer support & review management

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Helpshift’s integration with AppFollow: the ultimate combo of in-app customer support & review management

Table of Content:

  1. An integration made for support agents
  2. How to use the Helpshift integration
  3. How Gram Games used AppFollow & Helpshift to provide the ultimate experience for their players

In the age of convenience, users expect support for an app to be as seamless as their experience using it, which means providing access to support without leaving the app. Forcing users to leave the app to get the help they need adds an inconvenient step in their journey and creates friction in the customer experience.

The objective of increasing user retention and app usage is to keep users inside the app — yet, many apps still force users to use web support, leading to clunky FAQs, inconvenient forms and a dysfunctional web chat. This use of this infrastructure is counterintuitive to the desire of users to be able to access everything in-app. But there are also expectations when it comes to the promptness of support. Our culture of convenience demands that agents get back to queries almost immediately instead of waiting for hours in a queue.

So, what’s the answer to these modern demands?

Helpshift is an in-app, mobile-first customer support platform that provides customer support teams with tools like:

While Helpshift helps mobile app teams effectively communicate with their customers and resolve their issues quickly from inside the app, AppFollow enables the management of user reviews on the app stores. Combining AppFollow with Helpshift is a great combination; they deal with two different but equally important sides of the customer support coin.

It’s why we at AppFollow provide a brilliant integration with Helpshift to make it as easy as possible for our clients to have the benefits from both solutions under one roof, giving teams all the tools they need to provide a stellar customer experience.

But, what does the integration do exactly?

Manage support workflows for
reviews from Helpshift
Stay up to date with changes to reviews from a single window
The integration improves support agent efficiency by allowing them to create a rules-based system in which only the reviews they need to tackle will be sent to the Helpshift dashboard alongside tickets and can be replied to from there.

Your team will receive notifications from your Helpshift dashboard on any change or updates in reviews dealt with by your agents. Have access to a review’s history to help with relevant response.

An integration made for support agents

Customer support is an integral part of the customer experience and sits as a major part of the app lifecycle. AppFollow gives you the tools to communicate and understand your customers from user reviews, driving a higher average rating, improved customer satisfaction, a better retention rate and ultimately improved user acquisition.

With the Helpshift integration, you can quickly segment the reviews with actionable insights from your Helpshift dashboard using subcategories and share this with your other teams. This allows you to break down the silos between your teams and provide the information product and marketing require to both understand how to target the right users and build out the product roadmap with features that customers want.

AppFollow helps your team provide an unmatched customer experience from the brilliant infrastructure of Helpshift’s dashboard.

AppFollow is Helpshift’s recommended App Review Management and Customer Insights platform for mobile-first apps” — Helpshift 
Gain competitive insights
Track the performance of your competitors’ response strategy and quickly identify what their users are feeling about the app from a competitive matrix and a break-down of reviews. This includes both product and customer experience insights. Perfect for the app development and marketing strategies. 
Find out how users feel

AppFollow helps you find out what topics users are talking about the most. By using AppFollow's Semantic analysis, you can understand what users are thinking and feeling so you can respond to reviews in the most effective way.

Make support accessible to all languages
AppFollow’s system auto-translates your reviews to your chosen language in Helpshift so that your agents can support users around the world and provide clear, well-written responses.
Prioritize support efforts with review tagging
Make the way your agents work smart with AppFollow’s review tagging. To help your team prioritize what reviews to tackle and what should be sent to other teams.

How to use the Helpshift integration 

How Gram Games used AppFollow & Helpshift to provide the ultimate experience for their players

Part of Gram Games’ strategy to provide a customer experience that has differentiated them from others in the industry was using Helpshift with AppFollow through the integration.

How did they do this?

The Gram Games support team used the integration with Helpshift to monitor and segment issues with their games. They would tag reviews that spoke on a particular issue and created a subcategory to filter only those reviews with that tag. This tag would be assigned a ticket number, and if that ticket number related to the issue significantly increased in number, the issue would be moved from low to high urgency. This enabled the product and development team to understand what needed urgent attention or could go into the backlog.

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