Google Play keyword tool update. Now with traffic score.

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Google Play keyword tool update. Now with traffic score.
AppFollow team has released the most accurate Google Play traffic score on the market*. Check the keyword popularity for every keyword in every country!

It’s hard to believe, but AppFollow didn’t have the Keyword Popularity index for Android keywords until now. We didn’t want to use the Google Web search data and convert the App Store and Search ads figures — these numbers would not be accurate, and that would be not fair to provide these numbers to our users.

And finally, after several months of research and development, we are happy to introduce the brand-new, mobile-only based Google Play traffic score data:

We are using more than 25 parameters to calculate these numbers. So that you can select the best keywords for your ASO and boost app downloads. Google Play Popularity index uses the same data scale as the App Store Traffic score, where 0 is the no-traffic keyword and 100 is the keyword with thousands of users daily.

Do not forget to choose the keywords with higher Popularity and lower app number in the search results. This way you will have more chances to rank higher! Another good option is to track competitors’ rating and the number of reviews, as this is the crucial part of Google Play ranking algorithm.

If you are the ASO pro and have the AppFollow account, open the Keyword & ASO Tool and check the new Popularity index for your Android apps. If you are new to AppFollow, start your free 10-day trial right now:


*According to ASO Consulting team review and dozens of testers.

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