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AppFollow + Microsoft = ❤️

Table of Content:

  1. Power of three: Google Play, App Store and Windows Store
  2. Once again about reviews…
  3. Efficiency and team spirit
  4. One more thing…

This month we finished the integration with Windows Store. In the previous version of AppFollow you could work only with iOS- and Android- based apps, now you can also track apps working on Windows. The update touches upon both — desktop and mobile apps.

Information about AutoCAD 360 app

Power of three: Google Play, App Store and Windows Store

In the updated AppFollow you have opportunity to see all the necessary data in Google Play, App Store and Windows Store at the same time. It works great in terms of time saving since you don’t need to open every store one by one. What’s more, you can compare apps performance on different platforms noticing which store is leading and which one is left behind.

AutoCAD 360 app for iOS, Android, and Windows

Once again about reviews…

Reviews are very important — we bet you saw this phrase quite a few times while reading articles on our blog. Indeed, we put a lot of effort into developing easy-to-use tools for working particularly with reviews. Integration with Windows Store isn’t an exception. Reviews about Windows apps appear on a scale of 1–5 stars. The amount of positive and negative comments can be tracked in every category separately.

To make it more efficient you can filter reviews in Windows Store by date, app, country or ranking. It’s also possible to run a search across received comments for the certain word or phrase. All information can then be exported to Excel or CSV files.

In addition to that, you can:

  • Translate reviews written in other languages (Click “Translate”)
  • Retweet or sent the important review (Click “Tweet”, “Permalink”, “Mail”),
  • Reply to the comment with one click (Click “Reply”),
  • Add customized tags marking reviews as “urgent”, “important” or connected to a particular department of your company. Reviews tagging helps organise more efficient work and regular analysis of what, how and when has to be improved (Click “+Add Tag”).
Reviews about AutoCAD 360 app (Windows Store)

Efficiency and team spirit

We integrated Windows Store apps with Slack, HipChat, Trello and Zendesk. App Reviews are instantly transmitted to Slack (or other tools) channel. Your team can easily notice what needs to be improved and make changes fast. On the other hand positive comments provide more inspiration proving you’re on the right track with your app. It’s also possible to reply to the comments without opening the store.

Reviews about app AutoCAD 360 in Slack

One more thing…

In the near future we plan to expand our integration with Windows Store apps. Our first matter is adding all features available for App Store and Google Play. Among them — apps ranking in search results, keyword research and more.

For all our current and future users we offer a Free tariff. This plan includes monitoring of two apps and reviews’ analysis for two countries. Try it yourself and recommend us to your friends!

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Thanks to Jana Starostovich and Eugeny Krouglov.

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