AppFollow v1.11: reviews tagging, Telegram bot, public roadmap and Product Hunt launch results

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AppFollow v1.11: reviews tagging, Telegram bot, public roadmap and Product Hunt launch results

Reviews tagging and search, Telegram bot to quickly explore appstores, updated app page, service yearly roadmap and a bit more in new AppFollow version.

1. Reviews tagging

It’s usual when you find a lot of valuable data in users reviews like bugs or even app crashes, what is appreciated and what’s not, ideas on what to add or, on contrary, pull off the app. All this is quite difficult to remember or process manually.

Before we proposed to our customer use of pre-defined tags. But that was definitely not enough, limiting possible scenarios. That’s why we introduce comletely new reviews tagging tool. You now can create your own custom tags and use them the way you really want. We as well completely re-designed tags search and allow use of several tags for one review.

Tagging reviews in App in the Air app (Google Play)

2. Telegram Bot

As we promised last time, we made Telegram bot— @AppFollowBot. Same as with Slack bot, you can learn position of any app in App Store and Google Play top charts and search results, learn keywords predictions in Suggestions and what is popular right now in Trending Searches in any country. And still you don’t need to open either iTunes or Google Play. Just give an appropriate command to our bot in direct message or in group chat.

@AppFollowBot in Telegram

Spoiler alert: Soon we will do full-scale Telegram integration with AppFollow account. Stay tuned.

3. Updated App Page

You can now analyze & compare apps a lot easier:

  • List of countries with available app meta-data:
  • Appstore direct link, category name, price, app size and last release date:
App in the Air (App Store)
App in the Air (Google Play)
  • App icon and screenshots full-scale preview:
App in the Air screenshots (App Store)
App in the Air video (App Store)

Devices that don’t have screenshots or/and video are highlighted with red.

  • Description and what’s new chars count:
Counting chars in App in the Air description and what’s new
  • In-App purchases list:
App in the Air in-apps (App Store)
  • All app versions list:
Version list and meta-data for App in the Air (App Store)

We will add ratings & reviews graphs and top overall and category charts positions in our next release.

4. Slack App Directory

AppFollow integration is now available in Slack App Directory (official Slack integrations and bots store):

AppFollow in Slack App Directory

5. Public Roadmap

Not long ago Slack published their public roadmap for developers. We decided to keep along :)

AppFollow roadmap for the upcoming year (in the same Slack-format):

AppFollow Roadmap

6. Product Hunt Launch

This March we had our first Product Hunt launch.

After one week we achieved following results:

  • 500+ upvotes (it’s bad to have less than 100 and it’s awesome to get more than 800) and 54 comments,
  • we got 965 unique visitors and 250 registrations directly from Product Hunt web-site (conversion rate is higher than on usual daily traffic but lower compared to SEO-traffic)
  • We got several waves from PH web-site, official PH email list and re-posts in different media:

All together in first week we’ve had 2,7k visitors and 596 registrations, ~40% of which were just window-shopping and ~60% — our target audience.

Most important thing — tons of customer feedback on how to improve our service, now we have a lot to do :)

7. One more thing…

We’re very excited about chat-bots hype. Besides Slack and Telegram integrations and bots we plan to launch integrations with Skype and Facebook Messenger soon. If you’re interested, please, apply accordingly:

Follow AppFollow news in Twitter, Slideshare or Linkedin, and we will help you track your competitors apps in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store through Slack, HipChat, Telegram, email and chat-bots.

BTW, if you want to join AppFollow team, just write us about that on

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