AppFollow v1.8: reviews, reviews & more reviews

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AppFollow v1.8: reviews, reviews & more reviews

AppFollow customers get insights not only from their own reviews but from competitors apps reviews as well. That’s why we significantly improved reviews interface, added search & in the test mode — import of all the reviews through Google Play Developer Console.

Boom Beach app critical reviews (Google Play)

  1. New reviews views for all app stores

We significantly improved reviews interface for any app store you work with (App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store).

Main features:

  • Each review has its own colour depending on the users rating;
  • Multiple actions: search user in Google or Google+, search for all user’s reviews, reviews translation, and as well sharing to Twitter or email. And, of course, we want to underline ability to tag reviews: bug, feature, question, etc.
  • Sharing link for any review as a picture (this works great when sharing reviews to different social networks);
  • For Google Play reviews: one-click transfer to reply form in Developer Console, developer’s answers view and, as well, reviews changes history if users were updating them in time.

Reviews in AppFollow now looks wonderful on mobile devices:

2. Search within reviews

Now you can easily search all the reviews in your collections — both for your & comeptitors apps — for any important mentions.

For example, you can easily find users reaction for iPad-version of the app. Just use Filter by Keyword and search for “ipad”:

It’s now obious that support for the iPad is quite awaited in M-commerce apps.

3. Reviews import from Google Play Developer Console

We started testing reviews import from your Developer Console. This helps to speed up collecting all the reviews for your apps (as soon as they appear in Console).

If you want to join tests, send invite for in your Dev Console, access rights — reply to reviews only.

4. Chat with AppFollow support

If you have any question or comment on AppFollow, now you can easily reach us through chat in your web-account. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Chat with AppFollow supprt (via Intercom)

5. Small enhancements

  • Quick access to Actions and adding new apps within app collections.
Actions и Add new app — are now more visibly & easy to access
  • When using ASO Keywords you can see how many installs are there for Android apps.
Вывод количества установок в ASO Keywords для Android
  • Support of Editor Notes for iOS apps.
Editor Notes for App in the Air app

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BTW, if you want to join AppFollow team, just drop few lines about yourself to We’re hiring ;)

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