AppFollow Expands Support for Mobile Gaming, Accelerates Momentum in Sector with Discord Integration

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AppFollow Expands Support for Mobile Gaming, Accelerates Momentum in Sector with Discord Integration

HELSINKI - July 13, 2022 - AppFollow, the leading app engagement platform, today announced its latest expansion in the gaming vertical, as it added support for Discord to its suite of products. With this integration, AppFollow’s users will be able to increase user engagement while better managing and understanding their gaming communities through two key features:

Community amplification — from a single place, customers are able to analyze players’ perceptions of their brand and games with a level of granularity to help them make more data-driven decisions to strengthen their player community.

Discord alerts — customers are notified about any new community activity on the stores in Discord, with notifications automatically sent to appropriate Discord channels on such things as new reviews, changes in the app’s rating, keywords positions, and more. It also allows customers to respond to app reviews from Discord, making it extremely adaptable to different business needs. Ultimately, it gives more companies access to actionable community insights and AppFollow’s valuable review management features.

With strong growth in the mobile gaming sector expected to continue through 2027 alongside the increasing trend of tech giants eager to get into mobile gaming, AppFollow is well positioned to service this growth by offering complete experience management software for every stage of the app lifecycle.

“Gaming has always been a priority sector for AppFollow given the high proportion of mobile-first businesses in the industry, and we don’t see this changing,” said Anatoly Sharifulin, CEO of AppFollow. “This focus on the gaming industry and our growing base of gaming clients allows us to not only help companies effectively capture and take action on feedback from user reviews, but also establish best practices specific to mobile gaming when it comes to efficiently responding to reviews.”

Industry research shows that:

More than 50% of the global games market is tied to mobile devices

Currently, there is $93.2B within the mobile device games market, showing an increasingly large opportunity for brands to reach a new level of growth and expansion.

    Looking at devices with YoY growth rate, mobiles are expected to grow 7.3% YoY, while consoles are expected to decrease 6.6% YoY. With Apple Arcade and other subscription-based gaming models like Netflix, evidence indicates the shift to mobile will continue across multiple industries.

    The gaming market is expected to reach more than $200Bn in 2024

    Though the market saw a slight decrease in 2022, it is still expected to reach a higher compound annual growth rate in just two years.

    Smartphone games account for almost 50% of video gaming revenue worldwide

    Mobile game developers are on the hunt for new ways to scale their user acquisition strategy, while maintaining high customer satisfaction with their user base. AppFollow helps these companies build a response strategy to deal with user reviews. This includes auto-reply automation that can respond to a variety of reviews and track results in user sentiment – with the potential to deliver business returns for retention and growth.

    “Working with AppFollow gives us an incredible advantage to better understand how our players perceive our games. This helps us to quickly spot any pain points and address them to ensure that the players continuously have a positive gaming experience,” said Ana Maria Chelaru, Global Engagement Marketing Manager at Gameloft.

    To learn more about AppFollow’s offerings and gaming case studies, visit And for more information about our Discord integration, visit here.


    About AppFollow

    App review insights platform AppFollow empowers mobile professionals worldwide to derive business insights from user feedback throughout the app lifecycle. By understanding what users are saying and how apps are performing compared to competitors - all from within AppFollow’s singular platform - mobile teams can respond to feedback in a timely manner, build products users love, and optimize their performance in the app stores. Companies like Audiomack, a rapidly growing social music platform, saw a 501% ROI in its first quarter using AppFollow. By working from a single platform, and integrating with key business systems, Miro is building stronger relationships with customers while Kakao games saw an increase in average rating following adoption of AppFollow.

    Although headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, AppFollow is a remote business with employees in more than 14 countries including the UK and USA. To learn more about how AppFollow is helping companies like Miro, Disney+, McDonalds, and JamCity unlock business insights from user feedback, visit

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