AppFollow 8.1: Faster than the speed of light

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AppFollow 8.1: Faster than the speed of light

Table of Content:

  1. New navigation
  2. Engage: additional automation rules
  3. Monitor: Negative values switcher for Ratings chart
  4. AppFollow Academy
  5. Online conference “CX in a mobile-first world” [recording]

Our regular Product Updates are back! We took a break, experimented with formats but based on your feedback regular announcements or new features are back to our blog.

In the past months we’ve dedicated a lot of time to speeding up the wheels behind our platform. We are happy to share that 73% of our service now works faster and better. Meaning that you will spend less time getting your precious data. We are planning to fix the remaining parts this year so stay tuned! Besides that we’ve worked on new navigation, new Monitor and Engage features, AppFollow Academy and more.

Let’s go!

New navigation

We have completed a full redesign of our navigation. Now it delivers a state-of-the-art, user-friendly interface, allowing users to efficiently improve workflows with easy access to relevant pages for their area of expertise.

Check it here as from today (November 1st) it is rolled out for all our customers replacing the legacy navigation.

Engage: additional automation rules

Accuracy and precision is everything when setting up Automation. We’ve added 2 new parameters that will help you find and respond to reviews even better. Meet our addition to already existing parameters: Featured review & “Text or translation”.

Featured reviews are the first to be seen by visitors of your app page and can affect their intention to install your app. Always respond to them, no matter if they are positive or negative.

Text or translation will help you find specific requests in reviews in any language meaning that users that communicate with you in a language your team doesn’t support won’t be left wandering in the dark.

Available starting from Team Plan. Try or request it here.

Monitor: Negative values switcher for Ratings chart

Apple Store and Google Play recalculate and delete ratings regularly and this can be confusing to users. We implemented a “Negative values switcher” to show the difference between new and deleted rating when it’s on. And when it’s off you will see only new ratings. 

For example, if there are 200 ratings deleted and you’ve got 100 of new ones, we will show 0 when the switcher is off and -100 if it’s on.

Available for all plans. Try it here.

AppFollow Academy

We’ve launched a series of educational events that will help you take the most out of AppFollow.

AppFollow Academy Onboarding Fundamentals, AppFollow Academy Success Sessions and Office Hours — 3 new monthly events where you can get all your questions answered. Read more about it here.

Online conference “CX in a mobile-first world” [recording]

Last month, we hosted our first conference “CX in a mobile-first world” where speakers from Exodus, Grindr, G5 Games, Gameloft, Wachanga and AppFollow shared their stories on how to develop excellent CX in a mobile-first world and strategies for building a holistic approach to mobile growth and customer engagement excellence.

Watch the recording here.

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