AppFollow 4.1: reply to app reviews wherever you want

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AppFollow 4.1: reply to app reviews wherever you want

TL;DR: reviews, monitoring and features in Discord; replies in Microsoft Teams; response templates; replies for Microsoft games and apps; Single Sign-On support; new testing opportunities.

1. Integration with Discord

Recently, users have tended to go back and forth from Slack to Discord. For that reason we’ve developed integration with Discord. Get notifications about any changes in the apps and games straight into Discord: reviews, keywords’ positions, ranks, getting featured, and reports. Basically, it’s a whole bunch of information that you used to get on Slack.

It’s quite easy to understand the messages on Discord. For example, the icon shows which app is being reviewed; ? stands for “updated review”; ❗ means for “popular review”; check ? if you want to get more analytics; ratings range from 1 to 5 in different colors.

The first version doesn’t have a feature of responding to reviews from Discord. Let us know if you think that would be really useful.

Use Webhook URL to integrate with Discord. Get the guide in our Help Center.

2. Replies from Microsoft Teams

A new bot for Microsoft Teams will make it easier to reply to app reviews coming from the App Store, Google Play, and the Mac App Store. It’s possible to get reviews of any app including desktop ones on Windows 10 or Amazon items — you only need an app or an item link.

If you want to install the bot, go to

It takes literally a couple of seconds to reply with a bot.

Get in touch with us if there are other features you’d like to add.

Need help? Use the manual to set it up.

3. Response templates for everyone

Finally response templates are available for everyone. By default, you have folders (RU and EN) with response templates for negative and positive reviews. We’ve selected the response templates personally for you, and it’s possible to change the topics and languages most relevant to your work.

Using templates saves time with requesting details, sending thank you messages, and translating replies into different languages depending on the users’ location. Now you can save time replying to the repeated requests.

4. Single Sign-On (SSO) support

If you need team access on AppFollow, forget about sending every individual invitation, setting up access and worrying about the security. Single Sign-On will make it easy to access an account using only a work email, and your data will be secure.

AppFollow supports two services, G Suite and Onelogin, with the SAML 2.0 protocol. Next year we’ll add more services.

The feature is available for Enterprise Plan users. Contact us if you want to try it, and we’ll help you with the settings.

More info about SSO in our Help Center.

5. Responding to Microsoft games, XBox, HoloLens (open beta)

Microsoft Store is live, so now you can work with it effortlessly through AppFollow. Join beta testing of responding to reviews from Microsoft Store. You can now reply not only to mobile apps reviews, but also to desktop, XBox, HoloLens VR games and apps.

To follow and reply to app and games reviews, add a link to AppFollow. Ratings and rankings data will be available right away.

Interested? Then ping us to experience it.

6. Semantic analysis (closed beta)

Semantics is a new section on AppFollow, and we’re looking for users to take part in the feature testing. Get in touch if you want try it out. Semantics shows the users’ mood and what they think of the product, with a ratio of positive and negative reviews.

We’ve prepared four blocks for analysis for this particular beta version:

  1. Negative vs Positive reviews: it’s a ratio of positive, negative, and neutral reviews.

2. Topic selection: what users talk about, what features they want to see in the apps, what versions are the most controversial, etc. In this section you’ll also see what problems are raised most often in the negative reviews.

3. Feelings chart: with this you can see groups of reviews based on a common topic. The more dots are in one particular point, the more often users talk about it. Green dots stand for users who are satisfied with the app, while red ones show what problems caused a flow of negative reviews.

4. Wordcloud: helps to identify the words constantly appearing in the reviews, along with their emotional coloring. E.g., if there is a word displayed in red, it expresses common dissatisfaction with the problem, while the words in green mean that users enjoy the content, etc.

Each section leads to the reviews on a topic: learn who wrote about the crashes, and when; what features they want; and why they liked the app despite it failing to get a higher ranking.

7. Keywords 2.0: Global update (closed beta)

We have completely updated the ASO and Keywords section, so now we are looking for beta testers of Keywords 2.0.

What’s new:

  1. Keywords popularity score for all countries on the iOS platform (Android platform indicators coming soon).
  2. Tips and tricks for choosing keywords, including ones that have been used already. Not satisfied with the keywords metrics? Start looking for the new ones right here.
  3. Search results just like on iOS 12, including bundles, App of the Day cards, and in-app purchases. You’ll be able to see your app position the way your users do in the App Store.
  4. Keywords grouping on tabs: monitor what keywords your competitors use, or those regarding some individual feature (e.g., those connected with fitness, healthy eating, or accessories).
  5. Selected keywords: No matter how many keywords you use, keep an eye only on the ones that matter. They will always show first in the search results.
On a new page of Keywords you can keep track of popular search requests, measure them, and find similar ones for monitoring.

Soon we’ll tell you more about all the awesome features of Keywords 2.0. Right now, get to try them first by becoming part of our testing.

One more thing

On December 4 we’re going to talk about working with apps and games reviews on Zendesk:

  • Learn how working with the reviews helps ASO and retention.
  • Learn how to set up Zendesk to research and analyze reviews without any effort.
  • Check how to reply to reviews from the App Store and Google Play straight from Zendesk.
  • Get awesome tips and tricks, along with cases that really worked.

Join our webinar to make work with users more efficient.

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