All New AppFollow 4.0

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All New AppFollow 4.0
TL;DR: All New AppFollow 4.0 with App Store featured apps with notifications, benchmark, responses to Mac Store reviews, replies from Zendesk and 30 other services, tracking of any other products on Amazon, ASO tools for iOS 12, an upgraded search engine for the App Store, and more. 
On October 22nd, we became Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Thanks for your support!

We’re happy to present AppFollow 4.0, a platform for the whole product team: managers, engineers, marketers and support agents. In past year we released a bunch of new features to help you grow your apps and games and deal with users faster. Most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Here we will present the top-12 killer features.

1. Featured Today, Games and Apps

It’s never been easier to monitor featured apps and games — we’ll notify you as soon as your app is featured, on Slack, by email, on your dashboard and on AppFollow’s Featured apps page.

Lucky enough to get your app featured on the Today tab? Find out about it the day before and be prepared!

Set up Slack notifications, and we’ll let you know what countries your app or game will be featured in tomorrow.
  • All countries
  • All app selections: editor’s choice, apps and games of the day, new apps, best updates, etc.
  • Historic data
  • Monitoring of apps and games from any selection and from any time period
  • Notifications on Slack and email
  • Adaptive design
Apps on the App Store Today tab

2. New ASO Tools

Gear up your ASO with our new awesome tools:

  • Suggestions, a new tool that gives accurate search engine results. Search results and positions are exactly like they would look on your users’ iOS 11 and iOS 12 versions.
  • Traffic score of the search requests on the App Store. (We also expect traffic score for Google Play this year?)
  • App Preview, an editing tool for your app page. Check how your new texts and graphic promos will look on different devices. Title, subtitle, screenshots or texts — you can change anything.
  • Keyword distribution, a tool for finding the popular keywords, estimating their contribution to conversion rates and learning which of your app competitors your users search for.
  • Automatic keyword selection lets you track relevant keywords from the moment you submit your app, we’ll add 20 more search results.
The Suggestions tool shows search results the same way they display on your users’ phones. We’ve included everything: selections, bundles, and IAPs for the most accurate results.

3. Updated Integrations

30+ services that help you reply to users in just a couple of seconds: Zendesk, Helpshift, HelpScout, Freshdesk,, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, Discord, etc.

We’ve collaborated with Zendesk to help support agents to reply from within their Zendesk accounts. In this way they can leverage the advantages of both Zendesk and AppFollow; for example, not just responding to users’ feedback but also using the reply templates, discussing issues using tickets, etc. Read more about working on Zendesk here.

It takes less than 60 seconds to reply. The native app uploads previous messages to make communication with users easier.

4. AppFollow Conversion Benchmark

Use AppFollow Benchmark to get access to conversion categories, market trends, and traffic sources. To make it easier for you to pick up the best traffic channel or a particular category, we divide traffic channels conversion on the App Store and games or apps on Google Play.

It is possible to monitor conversion changes for any country. We’ll show the minimum and maximum values so you can compare your numbers with the market conversion.

5. Review Analysis

Study your users: where they are from, what ratings they give you, how your answers influence their mood, how they react to other users, etc. In the same way, you can analyze your competitors’ users as well.

  • Review analysis: what countries your users are from and what app versions they prefer, and what words they use to describe their experience;
  • Popular reviews monitoring featured reviews in all countries and search results. Two or more reviews from each place — we’ll show them all;
  • Likes and dislikes: what reviews users get to like more. These ones are more likely to become featured, so that all users and visitors will see them on the app page;
  • Response templates: lets you reply to users from AppFollow in just three clicks;
  • Charts of review analysis on Slack: check your ratings, ranks, and reviews right there.
The Replies chart helps to analyze your support team’s work: how fast they react and whether the response influences your users’ mood, conversion, and ratings.

6. Mac App Store Support

Promote Mac apps and games. This year Apple has announced a redesign of the Mac App Store. First the Reply to Reviews feature appeared, and soon developers will be able to transfer their iOS apps to Mac OS.

Upgrade Mac apps: Reply to reviews, track the rankings, installs and purchases, and learn users’ reaction to the new updates. We’ll keep you aware of any changes via email or Slack so that you can react quickly.

7. Windows Store, XBox and HoloLens Support

Make money on your games with AppFollow. Keep track of XBox and HoloLens games, their ratings, installs, updates and users’ impressions, and make users eager to purchase more.

Set up notifications on your email and Slack and be the first to know about new reviews and what updates have led to profit growth since the previous year.

8. Amazon Apps and Product Support

Provide smart sales for your “smart” devices. Our customers don’t only sell apps but also “smart” devices: fridges, kettles, watches, etc. Any Amazon items are able to be tracked and improved with App Follow: what users think about your product, what they want to see in it, and what makes them choose you.

Get full access to control of your products and apps: sales reports, reviews, installs — be informed of any change and get to fix it immediately.

9. Beta Reviews Support

On Google Play, developers can test apps before their release. This is a good opportunity to improve the product before going public. That is why beta testers’ reviews are important — reviewers write about the bugs you may have but their feedback won’t be published or have any impact on the ratings. Responding to them is possible through the console (with access for the whole team) or via AppFollow and in the same way you work with the regular reviews.

10. Ready-Made API Requests

With API you can track changes using any service or platform, even Excel. We’ve created ready-made API requests for a fast and easy integration for you.

25 complete requests for submitting and monitoring the apps, reviewing responses and their analysis, ASO tools, keywords search, ratings, and getting featured.

For ASO tools, review analysis and ratings, try Add-on.

11. New Design of the Dashboard

Now you can work faster in our updated dashboard. All the tools are gathered on the left in the drop-down menu. As a bonus, there’s better processing of integrations, so now it only takes a couple of minutes.

No more complicated logic — add integration and reply to reviews.

12. It’s Been an Extraordinary Year! But it’s not over and there is more to come

This year we have doubled our team, from 16 to 37 team members! Thanks to that we can create more amazing features to help your apps and games grow. Moreover, in the past year we had new investors (keep up with our announcements) and new customers such as Disney, Uber, Toyota, Bayer, Zalora, Kaspersky, and 6,000 others.

Every week we share new insights into how to boost your ASO strategy, work with users, promote your apps, and use AppFollow. Check our blog here and our help center to learn how to deal with all AppFollow features and grow your app business.

In the remaining months of 2018 we have some more exciting stuff for you:

  • Semantic reviews analysis;
  • Response to Windows Store reviews;
  • Mobile app to reply to users;
  • Ultimate mobile marketing glossary;
  • Microsoft Teams, a bot for communicating with your users;
  • New ASO tools.

Contact us if you want to try these features before their official release.

Also, we launched AppFollow 4.0 on Product Hunt today. We would really appreciate your support!

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