AppFollow 3.9: Get ready for iOS 12

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AppFollow 3.9: Get ready for iOS 12
TL;DR: long-awaited Featured Apps and Games, the most accurate search results for iOS 11 and iOS 12 beta, something new for Search Ads fans, and two new ways to analyze any app ratings and reviews. (You won’t even need App Store Connect integration — you can spy on any app!)

1. Featured apps monitor

Now AppFollow shows featured apps from all three tabs in the App Store: Today, Apps, and Games. You won’t need additional devices and switching countries to try to find the whole featured apps history. Just go to and see all the apps from any country:

Featured Games
  • Keep track of all updates: editors’ choice, new releases, major updates, etc;
  • Get immediate notifications about featured apps, in Slack or by Email;
  • See the latest featured date on the AppFollow app page;
  • Get access to all apps that have been featured in all lists and collections.
  • Check featured apps from any device:
Monitor pages with featured apps from your phone
Want to get featured? We have some tips and tricks to get your app on the main App Store tab.

Send your feedback on and help us make featured pages even better ?.

2. The most accurate search results page for the App Store

We turned our Suggest & Search tool into an updated Suggestions tool, which shows search engine results the way users see them in iOS 11 and higher. (Yep, we are ready for iOS 12 release!)

The most up-to-date search results from the App Store
  • We show apps with paid ads in Search Ads. We have just started catching them, and currently, we are working to make a full list of such apps. In the example above we found 21 promoted apps that show up when searching for “photo” in Great Britain;
  • You can see all apps, bundles, in-app purchases, apps’ and developers’ cards, and lists of apps and games and their collections if there are any. In our example there is an App of the Day, so we will show you the app’s card and recalculate the app’s ranking.

Some of you might have noticed a decrease in your app’s positions, but this is not the real dropdown.

Ilia Kukharev, Head of ASO AppFollow, gives some insights:

“Actually, it is real app ranking on a device. If search results are displayed regardless of iOS 11 peculiarities, the app will have a higher position, which is wrong in reality.”
The Readdle Scanner has #8 position instead of #4 (with no regard for iOS 11 peculiarities)

We’re working on some additional search tips in AppFollow. Wait for the iOS 12 release to learn more ?.

3. Analyze any iOS app reviews and likes

Analyzing your competitors’ apps reviews and likes has never been easier. Check how many likes their reviews have, what kind of reviews they get, and how often their support teams reply to them.

Reviews of any iOS app and replies to them

Using this feature you can follow how often your competitors reply to comments,whether they use any response templates, and many other things. Work with user feedback is really important — we talked about it in this article: How to work with reviews to increase your conversion rate.

Based on this information, we make charts to compare how your competitors and you work with reviews:

Here you can see the constant replies to reviews.

Use our data to perform better ?.

Integrate AppFollow with App Store Connect to get new reviews and reply to them.

4. Reviews and Replies Analysis

Now you don’t need App Store Connect integration to analyze any app reviews.

You can get access to information such as

  • what countries most reviews come from;
  • how many reviews are left without replies;
  • whether developers’ replies have any impact;
  • how feedback depends on a new app version release;
  • the most commonly used words in reviews and answers.
Review analysis for all apps

Data is in free access: Reviews > Reviews analysis

Reviews analysis is in the left-hand column along with other features.

Have an idea how we can make it better? Send your suggestions to

5. Reviews and updates charts on Slack and email

Our new reports now come with charts of any updates, reviews, and ratings. You will get the updated reports directly in your email (report type: Reviews and Dashboard) and Slack (report type: Reviews Summary). You won’t miss a thing!

Charts for the Beeline Telecom iOS app

6. API update

We are happy to announce our 25th API method. This one works with featured reviews, and helps you to extract the most popular reviews from different countries and time periods:

Featured app reviews: In the App Store vs in AppFollow account

Reviews vary for each country. There are four featured reviews in the device version and six in the Web version for the App Store, while the device version of Google Play features three reviews and the Web version features four. AppFollow gathers all the data and displays it accordingly.

More about all API methods

We also have something special for tech guys here: We have published an official library to work with our API for JavaScript, available on GitHub and NPM. Don’t forget to send us your patches!

7. Add integrations in three clicks

You now need less than a minute to add integrations! We’ve made this process so easy with the new interface.

Here you can find:

  • a list of more than 30 integrations in one tab;
  • an easy process for adding and editing;
  • video instructions.
Only 40 seconds (!) to integrate with App Store Connect! We checked. ⏱️

If you use Kayko, then integrate it with AppFollow and reply to your users from there.

One more thing

We’ve updated the AppFollow product page menu and made it light and accessible. Everything you need for work is in one menu on the left, so there’s no need to switch.

Find ASO Tools in Keywords & ASO.

Share your feedback about our new menu on

Don’t forget to ?the article and share with friends ?

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