AppFollow 3.8 Juicy summer update

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AppFollow 3.8 Juicy summer update
The summer of new cool opportunities has arrived in AppFollow. iOS 11 Featured: Today (spoiler: a fortune cookie is included), responses to feedback for Mac and Amazon products are here. Mobile app for responses to reviews and Beta Feedback from Google Play Console are ready to go. Apart from that, there’s the recap of White Nights conference in St.-Petersburg and even something more for gamers ?

1. iOS 11 Featured Apps Monitoring

We have collected featured apps and games from the Today tab in all countries on the single page!

15 popular countries are displayed on the main page. You can select the necessary country from the dropdown list.

What is so cool about our Featured: Today page?

Historical records

We show featured apps for the last 4 days by default, historical data is available since November, 2017. You can analyze trends, countries, and apps in the one place.

Cards with stories

There are 4 types of cards: App of the day, Game of the day, Story and Collection. You can easily share any card and make your friends envy you.

On the left: News and Sports collection (USA). On the right: Game of the day card (UK)

Featured apps for tomorrow

A little bit of magic and at 2:00 PM GMT we show featured apps for tomorrow. Be the first one to know and share with your friends ? And do not forget to prepare your server and support team.

Search for apps

If you track your own app or your competitors, learn the data about featured apps for the whole year and for all countries. Just type the app name in the search bar and track down all the featured results.

Search results will show exactly when and where the app was featured or included in the collections.


We collect apps and games that got featured the most times in the Today tab. We will show you the leaders in all countries by default, and you will be able to sort it out by any of the countries or according to a certain time period.

On the left — sorting by all countries. On the right — sorting by Australia only for a certain time period.

Slack notifications

The most convenient thing that could ever be done about featured apps is Slack notifications. Be the first to find out when you or your competitor got featured in Today.

July, 4th. Skyscanner got featured in 44 countries. In a Slack notification, we will also mention what positions it landed on.

How to configure Slack notifications.

This feature is available only for Premium accounts. Contact us if you want to test the trial version for free.

Dreaming about getting your apps featured? Pretty soon we will tell you how you can achieve it.

2. Responses to Mac apps reviews

Mac App Store will become more popular as during WWDC conference Apple announced a redesign and improved discoverability. We have decided to help you out to work with feedback for Mac apps — respond to them the same way as you do for iOS and Android.

An example of a respond to a review via AppFollow dashboard — the process is the same, just like for the iOS applications.

Set up the integration with Mac App Store.

Do you want more options for Mac App Store? Reach out to us

3. Amazon Product support

A mobile app is just a part of a business for lots of our customers. For example, you are selling a smart vacuum cleaner on Amazon and you have already connected the app to control the cleaner to AppFollow and monitor reviews, ratings, and requests. Now you can get the analytics about the product itself!

For Amazon products, the same data is available as for the applications: names, descriptions, ratings, reviews, sales, and notifications.

Track down goods from Amazon.

4. Testers’ feedback support

Android developers are lucky enough to carry out closed beta testing before the app going live. The feedback received at this point is extremely important — it can help to make modifications and finalize the app before the publication.

Get in touch with both alpha and beta testers via AppFollow platform. Their feedback and replies are not published in Google Play.

If you app is in closed beta launch, Filter by Reviews will get an additional option — Beta Feedback.

More about beta feedback.

5. Ready-made requests in API

If you use our API in order to receive and edit data on apps, we have got some great news for you! Now ready-to-use methods, signatures and parameters are available for our users. Just copy them and continue to work.

More details here.

We have prepared 27 ready-to-go methods for you. All you need to do is to choose the method you need from the menu on the left and copy it.

Set up API using our help center.

If you frequently update data day-to-day, please reach out to us. We will help you to choose the necessary options of your Premium Plan.

6. Share cool reviews

When your app received a great review, of course, you want everyone to know about it!

Share such feedback, using the AppFollow inserting code:

<iframe style=”border: none;” src=”" width=”600" height=”526" frameborder=”0" scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Any feedback can be made public. If you have responded to it already, your reply is also mirrored there. For those who are interested in the app, there is a direct link to the app. We have made inserting feedback code option available on Medium so that the feedback given in publications can go live:

7. Mobile App (beta version)

Get in touch with the users via our mobile app! We have come up with AppFollow iOS and Android application prototype: you will get push-notifications about new reviews that you can respond to as if it were regular messages.

All of your iOS, Mac and Android apps could be responded to here.

The app is in its beta version, contact us if you want to try it out.

One more thing…

A really great event took place in St. Petersburg in June — White Nights conference. AppFollow team, enlarged, met up with our wonderful customers and made new friends. Thank you to everyone who came to meet us.

Follow us on Instagram, so that we could meet up at a next event.

Head of ASO Ilya Kukharev closed the conference with a cool speech about ASO and work with reviews for game apps. If somehow you missed it, the presentation is available in SlideShare:

May ASO and AppFollow be with you!

AppFollow is looking for a first-class Sales Regional guy. For details please contact our sales team.

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