10 Zendesk Apps to Improve Your Mobile App Customer Support

Zendesk has a lot of great features to care about customers, but everything changes when it comes to mobile app users. You need to cover user feedback from all app stores possible: App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, or even Amazon Appstore.

Zendesk marketplace elevates it to one of the best customer support platforms around. These third-party apps expand the functionality of Zendesk and give you opportunities to automate many time-consuming tasks.

We have gathered the best apps for Zendesk to improve your mobile app customer support. When you look for ways to optimize your customer support processes for your mobile app users, these are the top Zendesk apps to turn to:

  1. Help Desk Migration: Zendesk is the only platform that has the power and apps to send your replies directly to the app stores. Ready to switch to Zendesk from another platform? This app automates the process when you move from one of the many supported helpdesk platforms it imports from, such as Salesforce and Desk. You can get up and running with Zendesk quickly and easily.   
  2. Dynamic Content: Mobile apps often operate globally, and their customer support doesn't keep up with their expansion. This Zendesk app provides a single shortcut that translated for the customer. It's much easier for support agents to support users in multiple languages.
  3. App Store and Google Play Reviews: This app helps you reply to reviews came from App Store and Google not leaving the Zendesk account and track your app's users mood and behavior. You can even quickly sort reviews to react to the urgent ones first.   
  4. Agyle Time Workforce Management: You can manage how you support your app users through powerful monitoring tools. The scheduling and forecasting tools ensure that you have enough coverage for your needs.
  5. TeamViewer: Customers don't always know the best way to communicate their problems. When you're providing support, use TeamViewer to set up a remote viewing session right through the Zendesk chat. Get your customer support agent's eyes on what's happening for quick and efficient fixes.
  6. Tasks: This powerful project management app can put checklists into the trouble tickets. You can also break tasks out into their own subtickets for complex cases.  
  7. Download Recordings: A good way to train a skilled customer support team is to let them learn through real-life scenarios. This app makes it easy to download and listen to Talk recordings for QA and training purposes.
  8. Lessonly Practice: Give your customer service team powerful training opportunities by putting actual tickets into this app. They get the practice they need to understand common issues that the customers face.
  9. Survey: Do you know how your customers feel about your mobile app? This app gives you a way to send out customer satisfaction surveys to calculate your Net Promoter Score. Learn about potential problems with your customer experience and whether you have a loyal and engaged customer base.  
  10. Magento 2 Connector by Wagento: Use a Magento store to power your eCommerce activities? You can connect Magento with your Zendesk portal for easy access to your customer data.

These 10 Zendesk customer success apps are a small sampling of what's available on the Zendesk app marketplace. More developers are adding automation solutions on a regular basis. Take a look and see how you can save time for your customer support department.

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