Announcing Bulk AI Replies to Streamline Reviews Management

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Announcing Bulk AI Replies to Streamline Reviews Management

Table of Content:

  1. Why it matters:
  2. How does it work:
  3. What’s next?

We get it, time is money. And if you're responsible for managing customer reviews, you know how time-consuming it can be to craft each response individually.
Welcome to the future of customer engagement — One-Click Bulk AI Replies.

Why it matters:

This is the last step before the full customer support automation and about empowering your support workflow. It generates and sends responses in bulk for the selected reviews, significantly reducing the time and manual effort required to manage high volumes of feedback. This ensures that each response retains a personal touch while benefiting from AI's speed and efficiency.

It frees up your support agents to focus on complex customer issues requiring human intervention while ensuring no customer feedback goes unanswered. The result is an elevated customer experience that contributes to your brand’s reputation and drives business growth.

How does it work:

We recommend filtering for a specific set of reviews based on rating, language, tags, and more. As an example, you can apply Bulk AI Replies to all the 5-star positive reviews. 

You have the flexibility to either:

  • Post these AI-generated replies immediately.
  • Save them as a pending approval reply, allowing you to review, approve, and publish them later at your convenience.

By arming your support agents with One-Click Bulk AI Replies, AppFollow is not just aiming to make your life easier. We're committed to helping you provide unprecedented service that reverberates through every interaction and contributes to your overall business growth.

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What’s next?

Our vision is to continue fine-tuning the balance between automation and human touch. But rest assured, our commitment to delivering a simpler, yet richer customer experience remains our north star.

The best thing: You can experience the revolution in customer engagement across all our plans, including the Free tier. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable.

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