6.2: December Product Update

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6.2: December Product Update

Table of Content:

  1. Review Management Tools
    • Smart views of your Reply to Reviews section
    • Agent performance (beta)
  2. Organic Traffic and ASO
    • Brand-new Organic Traffic Dashboard
    • New ASO reports with all the data you were looking for.
  3. G2 awards
  4. One more thing

We at AppFollow began our last working week this year and hope that 2021 will bring us more happy changes, meetings and in-person events with you, our clients. Don’t worry, the service will be fully operational and our support and tech teams will be there for you in case you need anything. We won’t let you down!

In this last update for 2020, you will find Smart Views for app reviews that enable quick access to the most important reviews for your team, a worldwide organic traffic dashboard, a new ASO email report, and more. In addition to that, you can enter our closed beta for Agent performance stats for app reviews.

Let’s get the (snow)ball rolling. ❄️

Review Management Tools

Smart views of your Reply to Reviews section

Ch-ch-changes on our Reply to Reviews page. Now you can customize the page to your needs by creating filter presets for your reply-to-reviews routine.

Simply set up parameters for your Smart View (language, rating, length, tags, or any other from 30+ filters of your choice) and get a quick overview of how your most important segments are doing with a mini-dashboard. You can track all reviews that meet the criteria or only those that don’t have a reply yet.
Smart View is a perfect feature in case you:

  • have a multi-language team, where members are in charge of different languages (to create a separate Smart View for each);
  • don’t reply to all reviews and track only specific ones (e.g. only negative, featured, or with a semantic tag “Bug”);
  • need to have a brief overview of how much workload there is left in each important and don’t want miss out on any important review that may need your attention.

To get you started, we created 3 presets for the most critical reviews: updated without a reply, featured without a reply, and negative without a reply. Check that in your Reply to Reviews section and seek here how to create new ones.

Available starting from Advanced plan.

Request access to it here.


Agent performance (beta)

Now, the most important metrics of your team and their performance can be tracked in AppFollow. How cool is that?!

Monitor metrics for each of your support agents and compare them with each other. The key metrics are: Number of Replies, Reply effect, Average Response Time, Average 1st Response Time, CSAT, Reply Rate, and more. This feature is now in beta. 

If you wish to try it first, please fill in this form.

Organic Traffic and ASO

Brand-new Organic Traffic Dashboard

As everyone wants to get a brand-new look for a new year, our Organic Traffic (ex-ASO) dashboard is not exception. Meet a fully redesigned worldwide version of this section.

Track crucial ASO and traffic metrics, such as # of rank keywords and download summary charts, intelligence, search performance data, and overall trends. The cherry on the top — search visibility and search downloads map to show apps in the countries that have the best ASO and bring the most downloads. Check for more details here.

Available for Advanced and Pro plans.

Request access to it here.

New ASO reports with all the data you were looking for.

If you have been receiving reports on your apps’ ASO or Rankings, you will now start to receive just one, as they have been unified. Smart, pretty, and insightful — that’s what our new ASO report is now. No more hassle of jumping from one report to another, all data is gathered in just one email.

Another change: this report will be sent only on the 1st added app to your collection. In case you need to see changes on all the apps, you can adjust it in your settings (located in Settings —> Edit alert).

Available for all plans.

Try it here.


G2 awards 

In the recent G2 reports, we were awarded 11 badges in 3 categories: Mobile App Marketing, App Store Optimization, and Online Reputation Management. Beyond others, we are very proud to be named High Performers in Mobile App Marketing and Online Reputation Management, and a Leader in App Store Optimization and Mobile App Marketing. This is a big achievement for us and it wouldn't be possible without your reviews and support. A million thanks to you for that!

One more thing

This month, we released a full guide on how to report inappropriate and malicious reviews in app stores. You can find it here in case you missed it.

We also wrapped up 2020 with 2 very insightful webinars, that you can find here:

  1. Fireside chat on how to organize efficient customer support for your mobile app with VP of Customer Care at one of the hottest fintech startups Lydia.
  2. The state of mobile marketing of 2020 and forecast for 2021 with Thomas Petit, Ilia Kukharev, Johannes von Cramon, and Anna Kochetkova.

That's it for this year. Remember: you can always request a demo of our new or old features here.

Happy Holidays and stay safe!?

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