4.7 May Update

TL;DR: Long-awaited Google Play scoring; improved keyword grouping; new conversion rate graphs in ASO Analytics; reviews semantics in email reports; supporting new app stores, and more.

1. Google Play popularity score

The feature that everyone has long awaited — the keywords popularity score in Google Play. The score rates keyword traffic on a scale from 0 to 100. The closer a keyword is to 100, the more popular it is. Now you can focus on the keywords that users often search for and improve Android apps and games text optimization.

Both scores for iOS and Android apps are available in the Keywords & ASO section.

The popularity graph shows recommended keyword scores for the app Deezer in Google Play.
The feature is already in open beta. Shoot us an e-mail if you want to give it a try.

2. Separate keyword tabs

The Competitors Overview section now features separate tabs that help divide search queries by topic or competitor name. This tool can show all competitors that use a keyword, as well as only tracked apps with the "Show only tracked apps" toggle.

The tabs help group keywords and track lists of those ones you need. For example, you can specifically track new keywords or competitor names.

3. Conversion rate graphs in ASO Analytics

Visualized changes in downloads by day to quickly analyze app metrics. ASO Analytics now features graphs for conversion rates, Downloads/Impressions, and Downloads/Pages Views. You can track changes for each traffic channel by country. Right away, you see how featuring went or how well new keywords worked. And you don't have to count on your fingers 🤗

4. Semantic Reviews Reports

In response to customer requests, we've added Semantic Reviews reports in Email Reports. The report shows the Sentiment Score, ratio of Positive vs. Negative reviews, the main topics for reviews and complaints, and frequently used words in the Wordcloud of each favorite app.

The report helps to quickly understand if something's bothering users. The number of times a problem is mentioned grows, for example, when the app crashes after an update or if you raise the price and users start unsubscribing. The report directly guides you to the reviews you need to see to get to the bottom of the problem and respond.

Want to give it a try? Reports are in open beta and are available to everyone who wants to try them out.

Popular words help analyze what users think about your app and identify the problems they face (sometimes even hidden ones).

The bigger a word is, the more often it's mentioned. More red words mean users have more problems. Grey words indicate questions. Even a quick glance at an app's popular words will give you an idea of how its users think.

Popular words from reviews about the app Discord.

You can export popular words in three views depending on the number of words. If you released a cool update and users are happy, it's not a sin to share the news 😉

One more thing:

Our users frequently ask us to add support for new app stores. Requests are for everything from Steam to Apple Podcasts. Basically, any platform where it's essential to respond to users quickly, analyze successful solutions, or keep an eye on the competition.

We've added the "Store request" section for all requests. You see the tab when adding a new app.

You can support other users' suggestions or suggest your own. We're constantly adding the stores with the largest number of requests.

Vote for new markets.


That's it for now. Soon, we'll share the best case studies and interesting webinars in the new digest.

AppFollow and prosper!

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