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Jeff 1987
Sep 15, 2019

Generally does what it’s advertised to do: access FB. 3/5 stars. However, I have continued misgivings. Messenger should never have been separated. Bouncing between different apps via essentially the same service still makes no sense. Push notifications have been broken probably since day one. The app badge seems to work now, but some notifications make it to Notification Center, many don’t. The iPad version ironically lacks features of the iPhone version. There’s also the inconsistent and debatable censorship policies: you can post a silly GIF via integrated GIF chooser in response to a silly post, and then have it flagged by FB censors weeks later. However, that censorship, among other issues like privacy, is sort of separate from app operation. Dating side: Sluggish at times, crashes the app! 1/5 stars. The one match thus far is so antithetical that it must have been accidental liking. Plus, I have it set for “no kids” but maybe 40% of the profiles I see have them. Worse, set to see only women, but have seen male profiles (no “wrong gender” option when reporting). Oh, and I ran out of profiles when set to 20 miles. I’m sure many profiles are fake as well: ie one pic of stuffed animal and nothing else! Fake profiles on dating apps often originate on FB after all ... App otherwise works, but there are years old issues and new ones ...

Aug 18, 2019

Ever since the last handful of updates, hundreds of photos that I’ve posted have just disappeared. Before the updates you could just go to your profile and tap “photos” and it would show you ALL of the photos you’ve ever posted from most recent to oldest. And it just showed the photos. But now you have to go through like 5 different options/settings to access your photos and 1)it’s not just the photo it’s showing, it’s what you wrote and the comments that were on it, making the actual photo minuscule and hard to see 2) the VAST MAJORITY are gone. Now I only have 20 photos(and they arnt even all the ones I’ve posted, most are posts I was tagged in) and they are from scattered dates. One will show up that was from last week, then 2015 then 2018 then 2019, back to 2018. Again, I’m missing almost all of my photos. I’m not looking for photos I’ve been tagged in, I’m looking for photos I’ve posted. And they are all gone except for a select few, and of those select few most arnt even mine. They are just tagged photos. I wish I could unupdate and go back to where all my photos showed up in chronological order by just pressing one large button that said “photos”. I keep updating hoping it will be fixed and it’s still the same. I have the same issue when I’m trying to look at my friends photos. Only 10 show up and it says “end of results” I swear if Facebook lost all of our photos....

Aug 05, 2019

Ever since the update back in June I think it was, something happened to where both me and my sister in law can no longer view eachothers profiles. I didn’t know about it until she had texted me one morning to ask if I had deleted my account (I didn’t) because she tried to tag me into a post and couldn’t. She couldn’t find my profile at all. So when I tried to tag her into something, it Did the same thing with me too, I tried searching her name into the search bar and her profile will not come up at all anymore...even in old posts that I had her tagged in her name isn’t dark black and clickable anymore only her profile picture will still pop up on posts she commented it but then when I try to click onto her little profile picture it just says error something went wrong and goes to a blank screen. It’s weird because it’s only doing this to me and her. And I guess she had the same situation happen with her and a coworker but other than that Nobody else we know is having this issue. We didn’t block eachother. This has been going on since end of June and I have reported this situation to Facebook support plenty of times now and it’s still not fixed and no answer to why we randomly can’t see each other’s posts/talk to eachother on Facebook anymore. I just want an answer to why that happened and I want something done to fix it this is ridiculous.

Sep 09, 2019

At this point Facebook has succeeded at becoming a global Skinner Box that nearly everyone I know is addicted to. There was a time, before social media, when even the most introverted artists could succeed in this world: Prince, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain to name a few. Thanks to Facebook artists who aren’t total narcissists get no visibility at all. What about us introverts who are obligated to be on Facebook but don’t want to be indirect contact with people, and don’t want likes, hearts, etc on our posts? It’s wrong to be judging each other by these numbers. Particularly when then can easily be bought anyway. I’ve been asking for years to give us the option of turning off / disabling the reaction button and comments. Yeah, I know, you’ll never do it because that’s how you get people addicted and that’s where you get the most data for advertisers. It is ruining the world, ruining lives, relationships, businesses, politics, list goes on. Facebook has altered human behavior in really terrible ways and the genie is out of the bottle, but you could at least TRY to do the right thing, and give us the option of disabling comments and reactions. Imagine how much trolling and bullying it would eliminate, among other big advantages. FB doesn’t care about connecting people. It’s main concerns are collecting data and dollars. Thanks for ruining almost everything in society.

Mar 18, 2018

With every new update that comes out I hold my breath, just hoping this will be “the one” that will fix the hodgepodge of issues with Facebook. The one that bugs me most is Marketplace. I’ve emailed support multiple times with no response (except the auto-generated “thanks for your feedback” email, of course). Then finally, 2 weeks after what was my 3rd request in 3 months time, they responded by saying they received my report and that they appreciate my patience and while they can’t update everyone who submits a report, they’re using the report to make FB better - TICKET CLOSED... Really? Not only this but recently I also lost the option to view posts by “most recent”. FB Customer Service/Support and developers just don’t care what users want. They don’t respond to problem reporting in a timely fashion and it’s now been over a year that people have been complaining about not having access to Marketplace, not just me. Although mine hasn’t been gone that long, it’s ridiculous that this issue can’t be resolved! Especially when the ability to access it just disappears one day yet buyers can still see it and send you message about it but, as the seller, you can’t make changes to it and you can’t even view it! I’ve lost sales because of this. Disappointing Facebook!!

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