What's new: AppFollow 9.2

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What's new: AppFollow 9.2

Table of Content:

  1. New data and review sources (closed beta)
  2. Automation & AI improvements
    • Free AI Reply rule
    • Custom instructions for AI replies (currently in closed beta)
    • Slack integration addition: AI Summary alerts
  3. Navigation updates
  4. Notification Center
  5. The latest news & upcoming events
    • AppFollow is ISO 27001-certified
    • Upcoming webinar: Maximize your app’s success
    • Case study: Standard Bank
  6. Afterword

Just a few months past the new update, we’re already bringing shiny new features to the table. In this short article, you’ll learn how you can use the latest additions to AppFollow’s arsenal, as well as the latest news.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

New data and review sources (closed beta)

The most exciting news of all, and a promise for our customers to be able to tackle their online presence outside of app stores—your users can be anywhere, after all.

Trustpilot, G2, Google My Business, Steam, and many other platforms are now available for your reputation management efforts. Reach out to users, respond to reviews, categorize feedback, and automate it all while you’re at it—AppFollow is now the one hub for all things people.

Note that this feature is in early access—performing a full-fledged integration with these services will take some time to iron out, but you can already reach out to us to try them and see what you can do with AppFollow outside of app stores.

Request your access here.

Automation & AI improvements

Tons of goodies here!

Free AI Reply rule

Ever since we rolled out AI Replies, we want everyone to give it a shot. Of course, we understand that you’d like to try it out first, without any strings attached. That’s why you can enable a single AI Reply rule in your dashboard, and see it for yourself.

This rule will help you automatically respond to all, positive, or negative reviews when certain conditions are met. 

All you need to have here is Reply to Reviews activated and try it in action. We recommend generating AI replies without auto-posting at first and then enabling auto-posting for top response speed.

Custom instructions for AI replies (currently in closed beta)

What AI Replies really need is a personal touch—something that will make AI understand your personal or brand style. Now, you can make this happen with Custom Instructions. This feature will help you provide guidelines that the AI will follow and automatically introduce to responses as they’re generated.

The best part—it works in any language and with any tone of voice, so long as it's within the guidelines outlined by the Terms and Conditions.

Anonymized case in point:

As a user, I want to set specific tone and style guidelines so the AI can mirror my brand’s voice in its responses. Thus, I will introduce certain parameters to the AI Replies, for example:

  • Always reply in Spanish (or other target language)
  • Always add a greeting by the user name and a polite ending
  • Keep the tone outgoing and conversational

Reach out to us if you’d like to try out this feature ahead of anyone else—we’ll enable it for your account. Expect a full guide on how to modulate your tone of voice and make the most of this feature soon.

Slack integration addition: AI Summary alerts

In case you aren't familiar with AI Summary, it's a feature that generates a semantic snapshot of your entire review section based on general or tagged feedback. It only takes a single click as well, and it's three times faster than exporting feedback into an AI platform to analyze where your users are at with you.

With AI Summary you can save up to 3x of your time compared to manually exporting and summarizing app reviews in other AI tools.

Normally, to get a summary, you would have to go to AppFollow and generate it within the app’s interface. But what if time is of the essence and you need an alert on any sudden changes in your favorite communication app? Well, not a problem anymore!

Now, you can set up an automation that will automatically report an AI Summary to your Slack channel of choice, based on certain parameters. Here are some more details on how it works:

  • Alerts can be weekly or monthly; weekly alerts go out every Monday, whereas monthly alerts will be delivered on the first day of each month—regardless of when the alert was set up.
  • You can set up the feature in the AI Summary modal window or the Alerts page.
  • For the time being, the feature is only available to AppFollow users with access to Semantic Analysis.
  • AI Summary alerts can only be set for a single app and one Semantic Tag at a time.
  • There is no instant trigger at the moment—you’ll need to wait for Monday or the first day of the month to see it in action. We will expand on this functionality as we move forward.

Try it here

In our previous update, we have already introduced improvements to navigation in AppFollow. The main driver behind these updates is you, our beloved community, and we continue to listen. That’s why we’re improving the menu navigation further—the simpler, the better.

Here’s how the Menu is now nested:

We hope you’ll find the updated structure to your liking—it’s as clear as it gets now.

Notification Center

Instead of getting emails and pop-ups (or rather, in addition to them), you can see all the important news in the Notification Centre.

This will help you keep track of all important updates, including AppFollow updates, system alerts, custom alerts, and much more.

The latest news & upcoming events

While not a part of the platform update, we’d also like to keep you in the loop with events that deserve your attention, namely:

AppFollow is ISO 27001-certified

That’s right, you can trust AppFollow to follow the most rigorous security procedures, all of which are designed to keep your and your user's data safe. Read more about this achievement and a testament to our commitment to data protection here,

Upcoming webinar: Maximize your app’s success

Co-hosted with Zendesk and with a special guest from Match Group, during this webinar, we will talk about app reputation and how important it is to manage it well. You'll have practical advice on managing app reviews, KPIs to follow, curious case studies to analyze, and proven strategies for sustainable app rating growth.


  • Karen Taborda, Customer Growth Team Lead, AppFollow
  • Ryan Kao, Sr. Technology Administrator, Match Group

Register in advance! The webinar will be held on July 17th, 5 p.m. BST.

Case study: Standard Bank

One of the largest banks out there uses AppFollow to reach incredible boosts in productivity and customer sentiment, all thanks to AI automation.

  • 80% of reviews covered with AI automation
  • 90% of reviews auto-tagged
  • 646% more thumbs-up ratings from customers (and climbing)
  • 50% CSAT rating, with an industry average of 15%

Read the full case study for more details on how Standard Bank, a financial institution with 19M+ users all over the globe, managed to reach these amazing numbers.


Reputation management is more than just app stores; with AppFollow, you can go anywhere your customers are, and make sure they are heard. That’ll bring you rating boosts on each and every one of these platforms, as well as invaluable product insights that can boost your success today, and if not today, then definitely tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your continuous trust.

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