The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Glossary is live!

Do you know what’s the difference between bundles in the App Store and Google Play? Or what type on monetization model to choose? Have you ever talked to a techie or a marketer (not to mention a customer!) without a complete understanding of what they were saying?

Introducing The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Glossary

It covers General, ASO-related and App Stores related terms. You can navigate use an online version or download a PDF, keep it on your desktop, print and hang it on the wall, send it to your customer or to other departments that have troubles with understanding what you are talking about.

When to use it

  • Are you a marker trying to explain to a developer why they need a particular screen? Use the User Interaction part to make your explanations faster;
  • Are you new to product management and want to learn quickly where to start and what to do? Go ahead, start from General and use the App Store Related part to understand your users and developers better;
  • Making your first steps in growing your app’s rating? Start from the ASO related part to improve your current positions;
  • Are you an indie and do everything on your own? Find here Localization, Keyword set building and other tricks that will make your life easier;
  • Looking for an easy way to educate your customers? Feel free to share it!

What the Glossary includes

We have a lot to say: you will hear about app stores differences, monetization profits and initial metrics, how to get app downloads and what channels to use. We will go further into the ASO and keywords world to let you feel confident while growing your app or game.

The Glossary is completely free, you can use with or without AppFollow tools. Get it today and support us on Product Hunt.

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