Sweatcoin analyses organic growth funnel with data from AppFollow

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Nurzhan Ospanov
Sweatcoin analyses organic growth funnel with data from AppFollow

Table of Content:

  1. Challenge
  2. Solution
  3. Result

Sweatcoin is the fastest growing health and fitness app in history. The company has been founded in 2015 and the app currently boasts 45 million installs. Sweatcoin app converts the steps a user takes during the day, verifies them using the proprietary model, and then converts them into a currency - “sweatcoins”, which can be used to purchase products in the in-app marketplace. As of December 2020, more than 10 trillion steps have been converted into currency.


Sweatcoin has a data-driven culture, and analytics is a big part of the current team’s success. Recently, the team had an aim to build an organic growth funnel in the Business Intelligence tool that would contain the following stages - “Store impressions → Views → Downloads → Signups”. Signup data was already in place, and for the rest, the team started looking for a solution.


Sweatcoin team discovered AppFollow API. The team has been familiar with the AppFollow platform for a few years already and mostly used it to track app ratings and rankings. By using AppFollow API, Sweatcoin is now able to extract necessary data, import it into an analytics database, join data from other sources, and then visualize it in a Business Intelligence tool.


As a result, the challenge has been resolved and the entire Sweatcoin team is now able to track the visualized funnel. So far, more than 500 000 API calls have been made to AppFollow API. In the future, Sweatcoin plans to extract revenue data for subscriptions using AppFollow API to calculate LTV.


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