leverages Semantics and automation with AppFollow to keep users happy

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Nurzhan Ospanov leverages Semantics and automation with AppFollow to keep users happy

Table of Content:

  1. Challenge
  2. Solution
  3. Result is an online community for chess players to learn, discuss strategy, and play with others in real-time. The community has more than 65 million users.


Initially, the team was looking for an ASO platform along with partners from SEO Alive— that’s how they came across AppFollow. After signing up, the team realized that they can respond to app reviews via AppFollow, which is a part of the team’s strategy of providing world-class service. Previously, responding to the user feedback via consoles was challenging and didn’t give a chance to collaborate efficiently.


The entire support team of 15+ users now collaborates in a single place — AppFollow and at the same time. This team responds to Android and iOS app reviews in 10+ languages. Apart from responding to reviews, the team pays attention to Sentiment scores to get a full picture of what users are discussing.

The team has also been in several situations when they suddenly received a ton of reviews due to a bug, a special tournament, or an incident. Thanks to AppFollow, the support team is able to quickly identify all these reviews, automatically tag them, prepare targeted answers, and quickly respond to ensure the best quality customer experience.


The ASO, Support, and Product teams are now aligned and collaborate together in AppFollow. The entire organization is now operating more efficiently as per the feedback received.


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