AppFollow launches version 7.0: the needs of your customers, unlocked

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AppFollow launches version 7.0: the needs of your customers, unlocked

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  1. What's new?
  2. Our Product Managers on AppFollow 7.0

September 30, 2021: AppFollow, the review management & product insight platform, launched the latest version of the product on Product Hunt: AppFollow 7.0 – a complete suite of tools that empower users to take app growth to the next level. They'll be able to unlock product insights, enable growth strategies, and optimize review management efficiency at scale.

What's new? 

Newly developed cutting-edge software from AppFollow provides users with instantaneous segmented and organized product insights, granular information on customer sentiment, efficient response automation for reviews, competitor reach & performance analytics, and useful breakdowns to evaluate market share & control across industries & demographics. The new version of AppFollow’s product also allows users to have a clear view of the competitive landscape so they can build a powerful growth strategy both nationally and worldwide.

The automation & review management features give support teams the power to improve customer sentiment, remain efficient even during review spikes, and strengthen user loyalty. Sentiment analysis and competitor feedback give product managers a stream of relevant feature requests for the product roadmap. Marketers & ASO managers can understand when and where to focus their marketing efforts to improve visibility and acquisition. To put it simply, AppFollow clients have customer pain points & emerging market trends at their fingertips.

Our Product Managers on AppFollow 7.0 

Ilia Kukharev, Head of ASO at AppFollow:

Competitor analytics allow users to break down the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. Compare discovery provides competitive insights on digital performance — to identify worldwide industry leaders, benchmark store performance, and find out organic market share.

Compare feedback's primary goal is to analyze the competitive landscape based on customer feedback and user experience.

The upgraded Organic Traffic Dashboards means you’re kept aware of everything connected to your app’s organic performance in the store - all the primary Organic UA metrics - from one page.”

Stepan Gordienko, Head of Reviews at AppFollow:

“We are now producing insights on a completely new level thanks to Semantics and Phrase Analysis. Phrase Analysis provides insights into the most popular words and phrases your customers write about in reviews. It allows the team to keep an eye on trending topics, user sentiment, and issues as they arise. Template Suggestions save the team time & resources by making it possible to find the most suitable template for responses and set rules-based automation”.

Vlad Shishkin, Integrations Product Owner at AppFollow:

Smart Alerts helps users stay up-to-date as they’re able to receive notifications about app updates, changes, and competitor news straight to their favorite communication channels”.

Anatoly Sharifulin, CEO and Co-founder at AppFollow:

“AppFollow currently has data on approximately 1.2m apps, with more than 9m keywords tracked, 700k replies made through the platform monthly, 200k users from 70k businesses, and 200k apps tracked by our users monthly, with over 140 languages used. We focus our attention on building features that solve real problems of those working on digital products to help them grow and improve their business. This approach is a core part of AppFollow and launching on Product Hunt has become one of our traditions.

This year we’ve noticeably improved our product, so our clients have a great opportunity to grow their app to the next level with the new suite of tools. There are no other platforms out there that do product insights & review management as AppFollow does. Our platform offers a range of features and tools that are of real value to teams across the business — from product to marketing & ASO, and customer support”.

The features and updates presented are available from the moment of the Product Hunt launch.

All updated and additional features can be tried for free by registering at or by adding them to an existing account. You can also request a demo presentation of AppFollow features.

AppFollow is the App Review Management,ASO, and Product Insights Platform. Although headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, AppFollow is a remote business, with over 90 employees spanning across more than a dozen countries worldwide, including Russia, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

In summer 2020 AppFollow achieved a $5 million Series A round of investment led by Nauta Capital with the support of Vendep Capital and RTP Global as well as a number of business angels, including AppFollow’s early-stage investors. Overall, AppFollow has raised over $7 million in investments since its launch.

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