AppFollow 3.5: March Edition

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AppFollow 3.5: March Edition
TL;DR: In our first spring release we keep improving reviews, rating, integration settings and Add-on for Google Sheets.

1. Rating (stars)

One of the most popular features in AppFollow is Ratings (or stars) dashboard. Very often we receive requests to implement some changes and add more features. In March we increased data collection speed and updated ratings chart. Now the chart has split by stars and trend line. It also shows average rating over a period of time and dates when the updates were released or app got featured (see small red triangles on X axis).

We have two charts: Absolute and Relative. The first chart shows total rating change from day to day, while the second one displays the difference between yesterday and today.

App Rating Dynamics

Why stars are so important? Look at the chart above: as soon as team added new native “Rate the app” dialogue, rating just skyrocketed with hundreds ‘five stars’. This has impact on many parameters including conversion rate from impression/view to install. Users always pay attention whether others like this app or not, in other words they look at the average rating and reviews.

Also in iOS you can reset app rating when uploading a new version, and afterwards monitor how the rating gradually changes. Here is an example:

Rating reset for iOS app

Just reminding that this is a paid feature but it’s totally worth it ?

2. New reviews and replies reports

Reply-to-reviews feature continues to drive users attention. Specifically for those who want to understand how effective their work with feedback is, we added new reports: Reviews > App > Export:

Exporting app reviews

Reviews & Replies — this report shows the amount of reviews and replies as well as how the average rating for selected reviews has been changing. The report helps to estimate:

  • how effectively you are working with reviews,
  • how replies influence on users,
  • how often reviews are getting updated,
  • how it helps to improve average ranking.
Reviews & Replies report with a split by month

Replies Time —the report shows how long does it takes on average to reply to review. It’s a standard view for calculating support team SLA.

Replies Time per month

We want to help all app and game owners to understand better how their support teams work and find ways to optimise their efforts. If you wish we add some other type of report, let us know at, we will do it for sure ?

3. Popular tags on reviews

Adding tags to reviews in AppFollow

If you want to quickly divide user feedback by request types (e.g., bug, feature, negative, positive or spam), you need as much as creating the list of tags that can be added to new reviews in one click. Just choose one out of the popular tags.

4. Full device name on Google Play reviews

Finally we show full device name on the reviews exported from Google Play Console. Thanks everyone who actively asked us to make it happen ?

Full device name on Google Play reviews

Device name info is available in personal account and in help-desk tickets (Zendesk, HelpShift, Help Scout, etc.). Most importantly, you need to have integration with Google Play Console, more details in our Help Center.

5. Integrations list: improvement

Even though our product is very cool but, you know, there is always a room for improvement. There is one small issue that we can’t resolve for a while, though it seems we finally found a solution. We are speaking of integrations list. At the moment it’s really hard to work with this list, our users complain about it and ask us to fix it.

New interface for adding integrations in AppFollow

The first step is the updated interface for adding integrations. Now it’s simpler and more user-friendly(already in beta-testing). There is much more coming soon. Don’t doubt, we will keep you posted in the next releases. The first perk is ready as we speak — now you can let us know which integration you’re waiting for most of all — click “Notify Me”, or just write to us in the chat (red button on the web-site).

6. Fast access to the data about positions

In case you still haven’t noticed, we added Rankings dashboard to our main menu bar. Now you can check whether your own or competitor apps appear in the charts with just one click.

Inside the section we added a switch button iPhone/iPad for iOS-apps.

And of course, all this data can be sent to email or Slack.

Soon there will be one more dashbord here ?

7. New version of Google Sheets Add-on

We prepared a big update for our Google Sheets Add-on. We added the list of all available methods on the left sidebar (Add-ons > AppFollow > Show Sidebar). You can test Add-on in demo-mode first, and then you can log in with your own cid and api_secret.

Report in Google Sheets Add-on

There are two types of features:

  1. ASO Tools — they help to collect App Store & Google Play data and you don’t even need to register in AppFollow.
  2. AppFollow Reports — access to your AppFollow account data (make sure you added apps and keywords in your app collections, if you didn’t add anything, you won’t see any data.)

Every new report can be created on a new sheet, or you can collect all the data on a single one as it was before. This is the responsibility of one small but very important checkmark.

Subscribe to Unlimited ASO Tools, if you don’t want to face with the limits when working with this feature ?

One more thing…

After a successful launch of reply-to-reviews feature for App Store and Google Play, we started receiving requests to support replies for other stores too, in particular, Windows Store, Mac App Store and, of course, Amazon App Store. We’re now analysing possible ways to integrate with these systems.

Ready to help us to test this features? Please let us know! Your contribution will speed up the process, so we can add these functionalities to our service faster.

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