All new AppFollow 3.0 welcomes you

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All new AppFollow 3.0 welcomes you
TL;DR: It’s been one year since our previous major release. We‘ve introduced brand new ASO and Customer Support tools, optimised data collection, launched Slack Reply bot & integrations with Zendesk & Intercom and much more.

AppFollow version 3.0

In September 2016 we released AppFollow 2.0. One year after we’re very happy to announce our brand new version — 3.0. During last 12 months we’ve introduced 10 major updates with tons of new features & improvements:

  • Customer Support tools — the most convenient way to respond to reviews in App Store & Google Play.
  • ASO tools — simple yet powerful tool to optimise mobile apps semantic core.
  • We’ve improved & updated our Slack integrations, added new with Microsoft & Facebook and as well with AppsFlyer, Google Analytics & others.
  • Released new versions of our Slack & Telegram bots: now they are faster, smarter and much more convenient due to “buttons” interface.
  • And — of course — as usual we renewed our web-site. Now it’s light & very-very positive ?

Customer Support

Our completely new (and unique so far) tool to help teams manage users reviews in App Store & Google Play. We’ve been dreaming of it for a long time. Luckily, Apple finally launched reply-to-reviews feature. And since that moment we can’t get enough:

We now monthly process over 50k of reviews for both App Store & Google Play. And we’ve reached that within this summer.

ASO Tools

Initially ASO Tool was intened just to help our ASO team to conduct conslting services to our customers. But at some point we understood that hiding it was a crime. Since that time ASO Tools became free for every customer of ours:

  • Suggest & Search — tool for real time checking suggestions & search result positions for App Store and Google Play.
  • Search Ads — helps with Keywords Quality Score for App Store.
  • Trending Search — track trends in App Store for different countries.
  • Google Sheets Add-on and API help to manage keywords & semantic core manually.
  • We as well have a simple Count tool to evaluate number of words & characters and App Store Top charts for most popular countries.

Re-newed Core API

We of course remember our real-time Monitoring tool for appstores:

And many more…

Well, honestly, a lot has happened with us during this year. At the end of 2016 we were nominated for the Product Hunt Best Bot of the Year. We as well got to Brilliant Bots section in Slack catalogue. And, of course, in Business of Apps Top ASO Tools.

If not yet, you shold try AppFollow right away:

Product Hunt

Thanks a lot for your support on Product Hunt, we’re #1 Product of the Day (September 18, 2017). It’s great result for us ?

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