AppFollow 2.10: heating up work with reviews

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AppFollow 2.10: heating up work with reviews
TL;DR: Second half of summer was literally very hot for us: we were tied up with working on reviews & stars and as well launched something new — favourite apps dashboard.

1. Star (rating) support in reviews

Now Premium users (btw if you are still on Free plan you can try Premium-features free of charge) have an opportunity to monitor rating — or “stars” — for app in general and reviews taken separately. We are showing average and total ratings value. There is a difference between these two metrics as opinion of the users who decided to leave a review can noticeably alter from the total average:

Stars vs. Reviews

Also stars are visible in daily, weekly and monthly Reviews Slack-reports:

Reviews Summary example in Slack for Brawl Stars (App Store)

Learn more about this report in our Help Center.

Very soon we’ll launch rating dashboard within our personal accounts. If you are interested, send us a line to and we’ll add you to our beta-testers list.

Ratings interface example

2. Reviews auto-translation

In July we finally finished transition to a new reviews interface. As a result, all basic operations are processed much faster than before now. Besides, we also added the opportunity to turn on reviews auto-translations:

Setting Up Review Auto-Translation
Review translation in personal account from french to english language
Review translation in Email-report
Review translation in Slack

This Premium feature is very useful for apps popular in many different countries. For all the rest we still have a simple Translate link.

3. Reviews analysis graphs

We keep working on our reviews analysis features. Now all our users have access to the following graphs:

  • Reviews Number per selected days with the list of ratings and launched updates. You can choose period to reviews as well as one or several countries simultaneously.
Review Graph
  • Review graph showing added tags. If you actively use them, you can track trends based on the tags used:
Tags Graph
  • Replies by Users Graph. If you have several employees who reply to the reviews you can track the efficiency of each.
Replies Graph
  • Average reply time graph. It also helps to monitor your employees efficiency:
Replies Time Graph

4. Deleted reviews support for Google Play

We already announced the opportunity to track deleted replies in the App Store. We now added this feature for Google Play reviews as well.

It works as follows: if, when replying to review, you see ‘review doesn’t exist’ error, this review is automatically tagged DELETED meaning there will be no option to reply to this review anymore.

Deleted review example

We plan to introduce few extra metrics based on this data: deleted vs. all reviews as well as composing “real” app rating (without accounting deleted reviews rating). And we plan to improve the algorithm so we can define deleted reviews without integrations setup or any attempt to reply to them.

5. Reviews replies templates (closed beta)

As part of our Customer Support tool, we’re preparing to launch Reply templates. They will speed up reviews processing within our web dashboard.

Review replies templates

To make this feature really convenient, we’d like to test it together with our most active users. If you are interested to be a part of the closed beta-testing, let us know at — we’ll turn this feature on for you.

Editing reply template

6. Favorite Apps Dashboard (closed beta)

One more new feature that we’ve been working on lately is web- and email-dashboard for apps marked as Favorite. Now there is a simple and convenient way to track favorite apps key metrics as well compare them for any time period and in different countries.

Clash Royale Dashboard

We are still testing the data collection, therefore this feature is also in closed beta-testing. If we got you interested, write us at — we will let you try it.

Email-report example

7. Updated AppFollow bot in Slack App Directory

We updated our bot in Slack App Directory. We hope now it’s easier to figure out its features and how to set it up.

Review Replies feature in Slack

One more thing…

There is little time left before iOS 11 release with new App Store introduction. As we’ve already described, it will require new approaches to ASO following all the changes:

If you want to be well-prepared for a new App Store launch and not to loose organic installs, send us a line to, our ASO team will help you ?

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