5.7: May product update

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5.7: May product update

Table of Content:

  1. Customer Support Automation Tools
  2. Ratings & Reviews Dashboard (beta)
  3. A major ASO Tools upgrade
    • AppFollow’s Store Performance Index
    • New Keyword Research Tools
    • Keyword Popularity Trend
  4. Downloads & Revenue email reports for your apps
  5. One more thing

It’s been some time since our last product update. We were working on broadening our tools in order to empower each department involved in running mobile apps.

Now, we proudly present the fruit of our labor to you.

In short, we bring new automation tools for app review management and keywords research to help you do your job faster and more effectively. We’ve got new Ratings & Reviews Dashboard to monitor your app data and KPIs, app performance email report, and more. Let’s dive in.

Customer Support Automation Tools

A helping hand with your customer support that lets you save time and focus on the actual care to your customers.

Automated replies, translation, tags, reporting — everything you need to automate routine tasks and increase work efficiency.

Set up customizable rules to teach our AI how it can serve your unique cases the best:

  • Rules for marking reviews with a specific tag depending on its rating, a particular word it contains and length (long reviews contain more insights for your product);
  • Rules for choosing what auto-replies should be posted with or without managers’ approval;
  • Rules for automated reporting of specific reviews (that contain censored words for example)
  • Queues, statuses and stats for reporting unfair reviews so you can request deletion of specific reviews avoiding app stores limitations, see requests that were satisfied, and how many reviews were deleted.

Send us an email to try them all. 

Learn how to increase the first response rate by 2.3 times in just 3 days.

Ratings & Reviews Dashboard (beta)

One workspace for a high-level overview of app rating and review performance. It’s a great aid for both Product and Support teams, helping them to discover how users rated a new release, reviews dynamics, and how well agents perform. Set KPIs and track them, analyze your strategy efficiency and results of your work in one dashboard.

Talk to our Sales team to enroll in the beta testing.

Turbo VPN estimated their ROI from using our Rating & Review Management Tools at 850%. Learn here why.

A major ASO Tools upgrade

AppFollow’s Store Performance Index

Imagine you could evaluate app performance in app stores with just one glance. Now you can! Introducing Store Performance Index — the magic circle that shows how well your app page is optimized for users.

The Index is calculated based on the ASO, Reviews and other parameters and will provide you information about weak points of your app — this way it will be easy for you to find what exactly you need to fix in the app’s organic strategy and get more downloads in the App Store and Google Play. The Index covers 36 countries.

New Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research can take ages, and by the time you finish it, you need to go through it all over again. To ease this tiresome manual work for you, we equipped our ASO & Keywords tools with smart suggestions. Now you can find keywords that you missed, keywords your competitors rank for, keywords that are recommended by Apple, discover their popularity trends, translate and group them for better analysis — all in one place to build a better performing semantic core.

Keyword Popularity Trend

Identify local and global keyword popularity trends to target keywords that will bring you the most organic downloads. Monitoring popularity trends will give you a better overview of the current situation and improve your strategy’s effectiveness. We get iOS popularity data directly from the App Store, while the Google Play data is deliberately calculated from 20+ different parameters.

Find new juicy keywords now.

Downloads & Revenue email reports for your apps

Get updates on your apps’ key metrics changes as a news briefing. No more jumping from one console to another to track the performance of all your apps. All data on your app downloads, revenue, uninstalls, and updates with a breakdown by country and version is aggregated in one email.

Get your app performance today.

If you prefer to analyze data in your own dashboards or in BI-tools like Tableau or PowerBI, just start using our API to get downloads and revenue data.

One more thing

On June 25th, we are hosting a panel discussion with Freshdesk and the Head of CS from App in the Air “How businesses get back to the new normal”. We will talk about changes that customer support teams go through and share a bunch of strategies for you to follow. Register and ask your questions here.

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