Supporting Ukraine

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Anatoly Sharifulin

At AppFollow we are deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine and the human tragedy that is unfolding. We are appalled by the situation and still hope that there will be a return to peace in the region soon. In the meantime, our thoughts are with those who are impacted and their families.

Our first priority was to ensure the safety of our employees and we have been actively helping people move. We have had a team constantly monitoring the situation and have provided emotional and financial support as our Ukrainian colleagues focus on getting to safety.

For our customers in Ukraine, we will continue to provide service free of charge until at least September 2022. They don’t have to ask for this - we will automatically apply this to their accounts.

Operations in Russia and Belarus

We are a global company, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Our data is hosted within the EU on secure servers in Finland and Germany. We have always operated as a remote business and have employees located in 16 countries, representing 8 nationalities, and this includes Russia and Belarus. Right now we are:

  • Supporting our colleagues in moving out of Russia and Belarus
  • Pausing on new sales in Russia and Belarus
  • Suspending service to any customers in Russia and Belarus who are subject to sanctions or are connected with an individual under sanctions
  • Continuing to provide our services to those in Russia and Belarus who are not under sanctions. However, when subscription terms expire they will not be renewed or extended.

The situation is evolving quickly. We will continue to closely monitor events and will take further actions if they’re needed. In the meantime, we will continue helping and supporting our colleagues and call for restoration of peace in Ukraine.

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