Proven Strategies That Help Increase App Downloads

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Proven Strategies That Help Increase App Downloads

Table of Content:

  1. Work Hard to Optimize your App
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Outreach
  4. A/B Test the App
  5. Wrapping Up

No matter how much effort you put into the design phase, it’s not worth it if no one downloads your app. And acquiring a good number of downloads in a pool of 5 million apps in the stores is not an easy job.

Every day, Google and Apple Stores receive nearly 2,000 app proposals. Each with an ambition to be the next big hit. However, around 70% of these apps fail to generate more than 5,000 downloads, according to This number is quite scary!

Point to ponder: You need more than the best UI design to improve the success rate of your app.

There are several promotional tactics to help you through this endeavor. You must know your onions and pick the right strategies to get your app in front rows of the market.

To help you streamline this process, we have listed a few proven strategies that will help you boost your app downloads.

Work Hard to Optimize your App

Focusing on App Store Optimization (ASO) increases the visibility of your app in the digital marketplace. The higher rank it has, the more users will feel the compulsion to install it.

Apple reports that 65% of apps receive downloads after a direct search on the App Store. This makes it more critical to optimize according to the particular stores.

ASO is also a way to determine whether a person will download your app when they view your app’s page in the store. The following are some of the factors that influence your ASO.

  • Reviews: A high number of positive reviews is the best thing that can happen to your app. It improves the ranking in stores and, eventually, raises the number of downloads.
  • Keywords: This is the baseline of all ASO. Finding out what users are looking for and integrating it into your content will allow your apps to pop up when the user enters those words.
  • Backlinks: Try to score backlinks from authentic websites and influencer marketing. It enhances the trustworthiness of your app and encourages people to install it.
  • Retention: Despite the high number of downloads that you receive at the initial phase, it’s only temporary if people tend to uninstall the app after 30 days. It greatly impacts the overall ranking of your application.
  • Installs: The number of times an app has been downloaded and installed (there is a difference!) also has a positive impact on its ranking in the store.
  • Security: The app has to be free from all bugs and malicious ads. When users end up clicking on spam links and end up subscribing to unwanted services, it will result in frustration and low retention. Some companies help to resolve this problem. For instance, AirG spam blockers protect the user data from getting public.


Content Marketing

There is a famous saying,

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

And this makes perfect sense in the virtual marketplace. The way you market your content can move people to go for the purchase.

Bear in mind, improving the conversion rate is not as simple as it sounds. Besides having an impressive app design, you must also provide value to the users.

  • Use audio, video, text, and anything that can excite the interest of the audience.
  • Before opting for a medium, you should identify the target audience.

For instance, if you are promoting an app that offers nutrition advice to people, you can create videos that tell people how to lose weight or show them some workouts they can go for.

A phenomenon that’s gaining immense popularity nowadays is influencer marketing. It involves seeking assistance from public figures with a good number of fans to promote your app. A survey revealed that 39% of the marketers would increase their influencer marketing budget.

  • Make sure that the content they promote makes a lasting impression.
  • Content should be relevant, and at the same time, it should entertain, inspire, and educate the audience.

Social Media Outreach

Social Media stands to be one of the most important sources of traffic for all digital products.

The social platforms serve as a powerful tool to engage with the new crowd, have a keen connection with the older lot, and build a robust online community.

  • Take each step with extra precaution to ensure you do not fall midway.
  • Not every social platform can cater to your requirements.
  • Choose a platform that can reach a greater portion of your prospects.

For example, if you are designing a clothing application, being on LinkedIn will bring you less popularity than being on Instagram.

Also, make sure:

  • The content you craft is sharable.
  • You mention the features of your app in the content you are willing to publish.

You will witness a massive number of organic shares if the content is valuable and distinct from others.

A/B Test the App

The process of A/B testing helps you to get rid of unnecessary risks.

  • It helps you to test two or more app pages and determine which one performs the best.
  • It helps you to get an insight into the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing strategy that you have designed.

It involves an assessment of the following elements:

  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Screenshots
  • App Name
  • App description

You can test each of these elements and see how it affects the number of downloads. The variant that produces better results should become a part of your app.

Just a few tweaks in the image can bring a massive difference to your conversion rate. So do not undermine the importance of this strategy.

Wrapping Up

Even if you end up generating a massive number of downloads, keeping it the same is a daunting task. For that:

  • Make sure you stay in touch with the demands of the users.
  • Try to incorporate their feedback into the app whenever you can and respond to their queries and confusion regularly.

Which of these methods for increasing the number of downloads will you try out? Whichever it will be - godspeed!

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