How to Increase App Downloads by 700%

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How to Increase App Downloads by 700%

Table of Content:

  1. First shot
  2. Global recognition and how did it boost app ranking.
  3. Overall results.
SignEasy app is the fastest way to sign and send documents from smartphones and tablets. Having been working with e-signatures since 2010, the app has already captured Apple’s attention a couple of times: in 2015 and 2016 commercials. But the real breakthrough came with the iOS 11 release and the new Today tab. Some reports indicated that getting the ‘App of the Day’ card helped them boost app installs by as much as 1747%. How did it work out with SignEasy read below.

SignEasy app has a 4.9 rating and over 42,000 reviews. How can you get more app downloads for an app that's already that successful?  As you may guess, the ‘App of the Day’ card! Not everyone still believes that it actually works for them, but this case proves that getting featured is the quickest way to boost your app downloads and increase app ranking.

First shot

On May 21, 2018, SignEasy was featured as the App of the Day for the first time in two countries: the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Best apps,Today tab

The first day showed the highest impact, and then it tapered out through the week. Luckily it did not end up there.

Global recognition and how did it boost app ranking.

Soon after the first shot, on June 18th, the app was picked up again, this time all over the world: that day 145 countries saw the SignEasy app in the Apple’s Today tab.

The second shot included Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia, all of South America, Africa, and Oceania.

How to get featured on app store

After that, the app appeared in different Apple collections more than 6 times, but that global recognition brought the most outstanding results. That was the best boost for phone app downloads so far.

Overall results. 

Getting into featured helps boost iOS and Android app downloads, although app ranking changes might be seen later on.

On Day 1, the downloads multiplied by 27 times. Although the number of downloads decreased throughout the week, the team still received a massive influx of new users. As a way to boost app ranking and download rates, it's a great success. The net weekly overall increase was a whopping 774%.

How to get more app downloads

Top countries

Top number of downloads came from:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. Canada
  5. Italy
  6. Mexico
  7. India
  8. Spain
  9. Brazil
  10. Australia

Rankings or how to increase app installs

The increased number of downloads brought the app right into the top 10 apps in the Business category. In some countries it was even listed as the #1 app in the category, increasing downloads even more. That's how to get app popular - fast.

Top 50 most downloaded apps

Hitting the top 10 in its category also allowed boost app up and break into the Top 100 Apps list in almost all countries — this is how Apple’s magic works.

So did it help to boost mobile app downloads and keep it on that level? 

Getting that many new users at once also had a positive impact on other app metrics. The team managed to increase mobile app installs and boosted paid user conversion with an almost 44% increase in purchases during the first day in the Today tab. The volume of document transactions increased by 15% as well. 

Overall, getting the App of the Day card has been phenomenal for the app, bringing in almost 100,000 additional users in a week. Months after that they continued to see a boost in their metrics. No matter what app market you launch your app on, that's one of the answers to the never-ending question of how to increase mobile app downloads in Google Play and App Store.


Looks impressive? Check our guide to get your app featured.

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