AppFollow ver. 1.9: Black is the new black

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Anatoly Sharifulin
AppFollow ver. 1.9: Black is the new black

Meet latest AppFollow update, including Apple TV and iPad Pro support, automatic reviews translation, new tariff plans for start0ups and new logo as well.

  1. Apple TV and iPad Pro support

AppFollow keeps full App Store metadata for each app in your collections. After announcment of the respective products, appropriate metadata is now available for apps supporting Apple TV and iPad Pro:

TripAdvisor app metadata
Aviasales iPad Pro screenshots

2. Automatic reviews translation

We introduced automatic reviews translation in AppFollow. Currently, all reviews that are NOT in Russian or English would be automatically translated in English in your Dashboard and in email reports as well.

Example of the review translated from Chinese into English

Soon we will add support for reviews translation in Slack also.

If you want to participate in testing of this feature, please, contact us via email —

3. Pleasant trifles

1) You can now view all reviews for your favorite apps in our email reports.

By default we show only top five critical reviews for each app in your collection. You can turn this off for your favorite apps.

Example of the report for FineScanner PRO app in which you can see all reviews for a given week

2) Detailed info about starts in our reports

For thouse who likes to be precise, we now show detailed number of all the starts for each app in the report just under our “thermometer”:

Evernote Scannable app

4. Updated tariffs

There is tariff information in each customer’s profile. We added two new options — for start-ups (Startup) and big companies (Enterprise):

Actual AppFollow tariffs

You can as well subscribe for only one month with automatic prolongation, so there is no need to worry about payments been done. But mostly beneficial шы to subscribe for 6 or 12 months, getting 10% or 25% discount respectivly :)

5. One more thing

A lot of things happened with AppFollow during its first year, so we clearly understood — we need a new logo. After a number of meetings & brainstorms with designers, sequence of sleepless nights & enddless number of coffee, it became crystal clear how the new logo should look like: no more serifs, legacy fonts, tag-lines and domination of blue. Meet new AppFollow logo:

How it was
How it is

Black is the new black :-)

6. P. S.

AppFollow team successfully graduated from Startup Sauna accelerator (in Helsinki, Finland). Please, take a moment to watch our Demo Day pitch which took place at one of the biggest European startup events — Slush conference:

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BTW, if you want to join the AppFollow team, just write us about that at

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