AppFollow v1.7 — September results

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Anatoly Sharifulin
AppFollow v1.7 — September results

In September we started to track search phrases (ASO keywords module), added support for Windows Phone apps & made HipChat integration.

AppFollow v1.7

1. Working with search phrases

ASO Keywords for city builder apps


  • Adding search phrases for all countries within your app collections settings;
  • Search phrases app matrix with positions change tracking;
  • Additional module Keywords Spy, showing which key words use your competitors;
  • Daily & weekly updates on keywords search positions;
  • Slack integration.
Slack integration example for Preggie app

2. Windows Phone apps support

Adding “App in the Air” app from Windows Phone Store


3. HipChat integration

Simular to Slack, we added HipChat integration. Now you can receive reviews, rankings & search words positions into good old HipChat channels.

HipChat integration for app

4. Few extra changes & improvemnts

1) Handy reviews sharing into social networks

Any review can be shared as an image to a social network of your choice.

App review link:
App review as a picture link:

E.g., Facebook gets a review as a picture making a nice preview in the news feed.

2) Setting app collections in your account breadcrumbs

Constantly working with several app collections can be tricky — you can forget which countires or languages you set up for tracking. Now, all the settings are visible in breadcrumbs:

Example of breadcrumbs for “Paradise Island 2" app collection

3) Renewed personal account

Hi, Steve!

4) Searching users from Google Play

You can find any user in Google Play through Google+ and contact him using Hangout. You just need to click on the “find user” link near user’s name:

Searching for the user with «find user» link

5) App developer page in Google Play

New info was added to Google Play meta-data — app developer page (Developer ID): as soon as developer you’re tracking creates this page, you’ll receive a proper notification.

Example of Developer app page stat for TrueCaller.

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