AppFollow v1.5 — new features

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Anatoly Sharifulin
AppFollow v1.5 — new features

Since the last publication we have significantly upgraded AppFollow by implementing new features, so now tracking of competitors’ apps in the App Store and Google Play has become much easier. Again!

1. Monitoring top category and top overall — because it is important to be aware of your app position in its category and in the overall ranking. However, it is much more interesting to monitor all your competitors: who is above or below, who has higher earnings in the grossing list or who is in another category and thus gets more downloads.

2. Powerful integration with Slack team messenger: easily set-up a channel in Slack to receive users feedback, new versions updates and positions in the tops in real time. Ratings and search positions coming soon.

3. Reviews changes tracking. Users change their opinions quite often and it’s difficult to track them manually. AppFollow saves these changes so now you can easily review the history: initially 1 point —> developer’s response to the user —> a new version of the app with bug fixed —> final 5 points.
However, the opposite happens often as well :)

4. Competitors’ ASO changes advanced tracking. We can track now all the changes happening with the app: name, description, icon, screenshots, videos, price, category, developer’s name, in-app purchases and so on.

Sharing reviews was never so beautiful before

5. Direct links to reviews and apps versions — share easily both amazing reviews or what’s new in the app with a direct link.

And, of course, we’ve done a lot of improvements and optimizations, but that’s just boring stuff, who cares about it? =)

In our next publications we will describe our features in more details.

Also, from now on we have great partners:

  • adjust — easily track app downloads
  • Dispply — they got some traffic for your app
  • SplitMetrics — test your app icon, screenshots and description before you publish it.

Keep an eye on your competitors apps or your own easily.
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