AppFollow v1.2 — Working with reviews via Slack & Trello

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AppFollow v1.2 — Working with reviews via Slack & Trello

No-one likes to be criticized, especially developers for creating new mobile apps. Though, it happens. That’s why, each update is usually followed by a painstaking analysis of all the feedback from the users: from their reviews we can find out bugs, understand their wishes, get insights and so on.

This turns feedback into a goal-setting tool for further developer’s work on product improvement. The more efficiently we solve problems, the more loyal our users become and the better is the final result.

Many of you use Trello and Slack to be more effective. That’s why we launched reviews cross-posting into these services. So, now users feedback literally creates tasks for the team. Your customers can now tell you what to do with your app.

To set-up this integration, you need to choose an app from your app collection and open settings by clicking on the gear:

Setup Slack integration

Each app has its own settings thus you can decide to which Slack channel and/or Trello board reviews will be directed. E.g., you can sort reviews by platforms: iOS and Android.

Use your Slack web-hook URL or your Trello email. To make it more convenient, we prepared detailed instructions:

An example of crossposting setting in Trello and Slack

Slack and Trello can be used simultaneously — there are no restrictions. You, as well, can set up ranking filter, assuming that 3-stars reviews (or lower) may contain bugs description or feature requests while 4-stars feedback may include comments and suggestions from the loyal audience. So, relay to Slack and Trello only the reviews you consider useful.

In Trello received feedback looks like this:

An example of review posting in Trello

And here is an example from Slack:

An example of review posting in Slack

Also, by setting up you developer ID you’ll be able to respond to your Android users directly from Slack by clicking on the ‘Reply’ button: this will automatically forward to your Google developer console.

Answering to Android users can be that simple

In Chrome browser you will access the needed review page to write your response to the user.

That’s all for today. Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome as always — send them to

Do not forget to tell about us to your friends and colleagues :-)

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